MySpace Mistakes?

Ally, 15, has a profile. Dr. Phil asks her mother, Caryn, "Do you check her page?"

"Yes," she says.

"Ever been anything on there that bothered you?"

"Yeah, definitely," Caryn says. She says Ally had a photo of herself in a bathing suit, and she asked her to take it down.

With permission from mother and daughter, Dr. Phil shows one of Ally's online photos, along with the comments her friends have left on it. The comments include:


"Hahaha slutty"
"Nice boobies LMAO"
"Nice jugs … ummm I mean … nice jugs"
"Dude. You whore"
"So I had sex with this guy that I really liked …"

"This is in no way meant to imply that you are loose or that any of that is true," Dr. Phil says. He asks Caryn if she's comfortable with the photo and comments. Caryn says she isn't.

As Dr. Phil polls the audience about their MySpace pages, a voice can be heard over the intercom: "Dr. Phil, this is Carla from the control room. Have you checked Jordan's MySpace page? We happen to have it."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute," Dr. Phil says, laughing.

Robin reacts to Carla's news, shaking her head at Dr. Phil.

[AD]"Jordan is my 21-year-old, and I have not seen his MySpace page," Dr. Phil says. Jordan's profile comes up on the big screen. Dr. Phil reads from it. "‘Hi, I'm Jordan. I write music. I play music. Aliens are real and Reese's are delicious. I like sushi and peanut butter, however, I have never tried them together. I have tattoos, and I will get more.'"

"No, he won't," Robin says.

The photos that Jordan has posted online appear on a large screen. A few depict him performing with his band onstage at a club in Hollywood. Some show off his tattoos. "Those aren't so bad," Dr. Phil says.