Celebrity Obsessed: Paul and Cathy

Celebrity Obsessed: Paul and Cathy
Dr. Phil has advice for a man who's addicted to wrestling, and his wife, who's addicted to Dr. Phil!

Cathy calls her husband Paul's obsession with wrestling "unhealthy," and says it's affecting her family. "Paul's created a wrestling fanatic in my little boy, Nicholas. Paul buys wrestling figures for Nicholas, but then plays with them himself," she says.


"I've traveled many times to see a show, and I pay up to $400 per seat," says Paul, who admits his habit can be time consuming. "I watch WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown! and WWE Experience every week. Soon

there's going to be an all-wrestling channel. I don't think I'm ever going to sleep again," he says.


He complains that his wife has an obsession as well. "My wife is addicted to Dr. Phil. She'll just walk around the house like she is a clone of Dr. Phil. All she needs is the bald head," he jokes. "If Dr. Phil had a Pay Per View, I'm sure she would buy it, so what's the difference between that and wrestling?"


Although Cathy acknowledges that she watches the Dr. Phil show every day and reads all of his books, she says there is a big difference. "Dr. Phil helps me to change my life and wrestling is just entertainment."


Turning to Dr. Phil, she says, "My husband is obsessed with wrestling and I'm obsessed with you. You're the only one who can help us."

Dr. Phil tells Paul, "You know it's not real!"


"I knew you were going to say that. It's sports entertainment. I know they're not really hitting each other, and sometimes they get hurt because of what they put their bodies through," Paul explains.


"It's men dancing. It's very athletic dancing and they are amazing athletes, but it's choreographed," Dr. Phil points out. "Do you watch to see who wins?"


"Not necessarily. I like to watch the stories that are playing out."


Dr. Phil jumps out of his chair. "You watch it for the plot?! You watch professional wrestling for the plot!" he asks, incredulous. "But you think about it every waking minute, right? You use it as analogies in your work. This consumes you."



Paul mentions that he's fed up with Cathy's obsession with Dr. Phil. "Every minute, every day, quoting you, reading your books," he points out.


"And the problem is?" Dr. Phil jokes.


Cathy laughs. "I told him that's what you would say."


Paul chimes in, "I agree with almost everything that you say, and I respect everything that you do, but I don't want to be married to you."


Dr. Phil assures him, "We can agree on that even though you watch men dancing all the time." Addressing Cathy, he asks, "Do you think you overdo it?"


"I don't think so. I think you give great advice and I think he needs to hear it."


Dr. Phil explains, "What I do ask people a lot about what they're doing, 'How's that working for you?' But if you're doing this in a way that he's resenting it to the point that it just becomes obnoxious, then it's not working for you. You don't have to cite it like a bibliography every time, 'Dr. Phil says you should pay attention to me instead of watching wrestling all the time.'" Instead, Cathy can just give her husband advice, without attributing it to Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil tells the couple that they need to compromise. "How about you agree to go to a wrestling match with him and you agree to read Family First," he suggests.


"I've been to a wrestling match so my part of the deal is done," Cathy comments.


Dr. Phil tells the couple that he'll get them tickets to a wrestling match if Paul will read Family First. "Will you do it?"


"I promise," Paul assures him.