Cheaters Caught on Tape: Ashley Madison

Cheaters Caught on Tape: Ashley Madison
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.
Five days after signing up on a Web site for married people looking to cheat, Jill, a Dr. Phil producer, had already received over 250 e-mails. She chose to meet a guy who wrote, "About a year and a half ago I hit a point of very high frustration in my marriage. My wife stopped thinking sex was fun a long time ago. And after what seems like way too much time fighting about certain stuff, I went online."

When Jill meets the man, she lets him know that she is a producer for Dr. Phil. She promises to disguise his voice and face, but he vehemently declines to talk. "I'm going to knock him down if he doesn't stop with the cameras. Tell him to turn it off and then we'll talk," the man says to Jill.

Jill talks with the man off camera. "We're just trying to help people out there who are trying to put an end to this," she says to him.

The man responds, "I'm like a lot of people that would rather not be in this position. I know probably too much about all this stuff. And I've spoken to lots of men and lots of women, and we're all out here for the same couple of reasons. And it's unfortunate, and a lot of it can be 'fixed,' so to speak, in relationships. But I don't want to be that guy. I was here to meet somebody nice, that's all."To set up her "rendezvous" with a married man, Jill used a Web site called the Ashley Madison Agency, whose motto is, "When monogamy becomes monotony," and caters to married men and women who want to cheat. Dr. Phil introduces Darren, the founder of the Ashley Madison Agency, which currently has 350,000 members.
"What do you do when people ask you what you do?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm a marketer filling a need in the marketplace. People want to use our service, and we're willing to provide it to them," Darren explains. "As long as people will stray, as long as people will look for something outside their relationship, we want to be able to provide a platform or a community where those like-minded people can potentially meet each other."

"You say that you don't sell this, that you don't advocate it or not advocate it," Dr. Phil continues.

"We don't condemn. We don't condone," Darren replies."Wouldn't you say, 'We came up with a scheme to make some money?' I mean, that's the honest truth," Dr. Phil points out. "I'm not saying that that's wrong. I'm just saying isn't that the bottom line?"

"Yeah. That's what this business is about, the marketplace," Darren replies. "As long as it's with consenting adults, and it's
perfectly legal, and there's a balance of power, then it belongs in the marketplace if people are willing to pay for it."

A woman from the audience says, "I think it's an insult to women's intelligence that you say it's OK. And for men, if you're in a relationship and it's not working, then get out of the relationship. Don't insult each other by cheating." The audience applauds.

Darren responds. "It's not always easy to just leave a relationship. People have religious concerns. There's assets to
consider. There's child custody to consider," he explains and the audience jeers. "Our belief is that if you are going to have the affair, then you should start at our Web site because that's the safest way to begin."

"Do you honestly believe that this a good alternative to dealing with the issues in a marriage forthrightly and upfrontly ... I don't even care if you agree with me or not. I just hugely disagree with you," Dr. Phil says.