Cult Confrontations: Maura

Generals for God

"I became a member of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps when I was 12 years old. My parents were friends with [leaders] Jim and Deborah Green," says Rebekah. "They appointed themselves to be generals, and they assigned ranks, basically, on how dedicated people were."

What started out as Bible study morphed into something sinister. Says Rebekah's mom, Maura, "We were referred to as 'God's Army.' Every minute of our lives was controlled. We were instructed to cut off our family, our friends."


Rebekah says that when she was 17, the Greens ordered her to get married. Shortly afterwards, she gave birth to a son. She says the Greens even tried to dictate her child's discipline. "I whipped my son because I was instructed to. I was afraid of Deborah Green. I did it because I was told to, and I knew it wasn't right," she weeps.


In 1986, Maura fell out of favor with the Greens. "I was not allowed to see or talk to my children for six months. There was a shed in the backyard. I was ordered to move into that shed. There were no windows in the shed. It was filled with mildew. You couldn't stand upright. No bath, no shower for six months. I was excommunicated," she remembers.


Now that she has left the cult, she wants the world to know what she endured. "I want all the people who have been sitting under them for all these years to know that they are sitting under deception. There is freedom out in the world," she says.