Dangerous Daughters: Barbara

Dangerous Daughters: Barbara

"On January 28, my husband was sleeping. I heard my daughter yelling and screaming. When I heard the shouting, I recognized my husband saying, ‘Stop, Barbara, stop. Please stop,'" recalls Beverly.


"I woke up. I could see my daughter standing there. I knew I'd been hit and was getting hit again, so as I'm trying to get my

head out of the line of fire, Barbara was still coming at me with a hammer," remembers Gil, who was hit 17 times. "I was able to get the hammer away from her, and about that time, my wife and Barbara's girlfriend had come to the bedroom door."


"By the time I got in there, he was already a bloody mess. There was blood everywhere: the wall, floor, sheets. I couldn't even see his face," Beverly says. "My daughter was standing there with a hammer, with a very pleased look on her face."


Corrina, Barbara's girlfriend, recalls the attack. "I remember grabbing Barbara, and screaming and yelling at the same time, ‘What did you do? Why are you doing this, Barbara?'" she says, fighting back tears. "She had beaten him all over his body. I think she was going to kill him."


Gil was bleeding profusely, but he made it to the bathroom and then collapsed on the floor. "I thought I'd lost him right then, and I was begging him not to leave me. He said, ‘I'm OK. I'm OK,' and so I got up. He said, ‘You need to call an ambulance.' I was trying to get to the telephone," Beverly shares, wiping away her tears.

"Barbara went toward her mom and just grabbed her and started choking her," Corrina remembers.


"As Barbara was choking me, she had this demonic look in her eyes. My husband was able to get her away from me," Beverly adds. 


Corrina's says she then grabbed Barbara, threw her out of the house and locked all the doors. "I don't know who called the cops," she says. "I remember hearing her voice saying, ‘Corrina, come here.' And she goes, ‘Why am I out here?'"


"She wanted to come in the house, and Corrina wouldn't let her in. She said, ‘You just attacked your father with a hammer,' and Barbara said, ‘I wouldn't do that. I'm Daddy's little girl,'" Beverly reveals.


"You don't expect something like that to happen. This is my daughter. This is my baby. I'm not really sure that I still fully grasp the whole thing," says Gil.


Barbara's 9-year-old daughter, Rachel, also witnessed the attack. "She was like, ‘Why did my mom attack my grandpa?'" Beverly remembers.


The question remains, why did Barbara attack her father? "I don't know what made Barbara do that, and I have no idea why they blamed me," Corrina says of Gil and Beverly. "She's basically pointing the finger at me, like I'm the one who did this to her husband, like I knew this was going to happen."

Corrina is right. As she suspects, Barbara's parents do blame only her for their daughter's rage.


"I believe Corrina filled Barbara's head with lies and poisonous thoughts against her family, particularly my husband. Or, I sometimes think Corrina drugged her with something," Beverly reveals. "Her relationship with Corrina was putting a lot of pressure on Barbara. Corrina was very high maintenance, and she didn't work. Barbara

was doing everything on her own."

Corrina says that after the attack, she received a phone call from Beverly. "She was very rude to me. Beverly called me a manipulator. She called me a liar," she shares. "This family made me feel like I was a piece of trash."

Beverly says before the attack Barbara and Corrina had a fight. "Corrina got angry at Barbara because Barbara wasn't paying enough attention to her. Barb
ara said, ‘No more. It's over. I want you to leave,'" Beverly recalls. But their separation was short-lived. "The morning of the attack, Barbara had told us she and Corrina were going to get back together. I was very angry. I knew it wasn't good for Barbara, and then she snapped."

Corrina wants answers from Gil and Beverly. "I deserve to know why they tossed me out of the family, like I did something wrong," she says.

Dr. Phil is joined onstage by Gil and Beverly, and Corrina and her father, Charles. Barbara is currently serving five years in prison for the attack. "Why do you blame Corrina?" Dr. Phil asks Gil and Beverly.


"I think Corrina helped push her over the edge," Beverly says. 

Turning to Corrina, Dr. Phil asks, "Did you agitate this situation? Did you push her over the line?"

"No. We were very happy," she says.