Dangerous Daughters: Did they know?

Dangerous Daughters: Did they know?

Dr. Phil asks Beverly and Gil, "Neither of you saw any warning sign of this?"

"This was the baby of the family, and this was my little girl," Gil says. "She would be, actually, the last human being on earth that I would have thought would come at me in this way."

"She did have a violent history, correct?" Dr. Phil asks. "As early as second grade, she got in a fight, got in a problem, came back to school with an ice pick."

"That was in eighth grade," Beverly says.

"That's worse," Dr. Phil points out. "She knew what she was doing."

"She didn't take the ice pick. It was brought to school for her by a friend who gave it to her," Beverly clarifies. 

Dr. Phil looks stunned. "If I'm a classmate, and I got an ice pick in my ear from your daughter, I don't really care who brought it," he says. "Did she throw a knife at her brother?"

"Yes," Beverly says, "but she didn't mean to pierce him." She explains that Barbara was washing dishes and threw what was in her hand.

Dr. Phil explains that Barbara severed her brother's small intestine and punctured a bowel, landing him in the hospital for days. "The only reason that I'm making a point out of this is because I think in order for you to get any closure, for you to ever move forward on this, to ever heal a relationship with her " you can't change what you don't acknowledge," he reminds them.


"We have never denied, and I have never denied, that Barbara has the ability to hurt somebody."


"Why blame Corrina?" Dr. Phil asks.

Dr. Phil asks Barbara's sister, Jennifer, and her brother, Aaron for their opinions.


"I think Corrina knows more about what happened than she's letting anybody know," Jennifer says. "The night that it happened, as we were at the home, she was trying to tell what

had happened, and every person she told [the story] to, she told a different story. And, she did make a comment to me that night that she thought my dad was doing something to Rachel inappropriately. She told me that."


Corrina is shocked. "I had told her that Barbara had mentioned something about this," she explains.


Dr. Phil makes it clear that there is no evidence that Gil ever behaved inappropriately with his granddaughter.


"I praised her mom and dad," Corrina says.

Jennifer elaborates on the conversation that took place between her and Corrina. "When we were talking about how [Barbara] could have done something like that to my dad, [Corrina] told me that she and Barbara had talked about the possibility of my dad doing something inappropriate to my niece," she explains. 

"We talked about it, but Barbara brought it to my attention," Corrina says.

Dr. Phil addresses Corrina's father, Charles. "You object to your daughter being made to be what you consider a scapegoat in this situation," he says.

"There have been some issues with Barbara, as they attest to. The family has not paid attention to the issues that Barbara had to deal with," he says. 


Dr. Phil asks Beverly what she said to Corrina during the commercial break.

"I said I don't hate her. I just want to know what happened. We don't have any answers," she says.


Dr. Phil reads a statement Barbara made from prison. "'I feel horrible about what I did to Dad. Every day, I wish I could go back in time and change my actions,'" he says. "We asked, ‘Why did you hurt your father?' Her response, ‘I can't answer that question. Still, to this day, I don't know why.' She's certainly not saying, ‘I thought rightly or

wrongly that he had hurt my child in some way.'" He turns to Corrina and says, "You may not have been a good influence in her life; I don't know. You might have been the best thing that ever happened to her; I don't know." Facing Beverly and Gil, he continues, "I don't think there's anything this girl could say to a rational person that would cause them to go pick up a hammer and hit their father in the head."

To Beverly he says, "You can't hold her accountable for what your daughter did. To do so would not only be unfair, but it would be irrational.



"I hold Barbara accountable for what Barbara did," Beverly says.

"What your focus does need to be on is she still has a daughter that you're now raising. She's going to re-enter this family constellation at some point, and you are going to have to have a plan for that," Dr. Phil tells Beverly.


"What we haven't discussed is what led up to the year that Corrina was there," Beverly says. "She didn't work. Corrina was very high maintenance. She had to have her hair done. She had to have her nails done. Barbara paid for everything."


"How is that relevant?" Dr. Phil asks.


"It was pressure on her," Beverly says.


"She's an adult. She made that choice," Dr. Phil points out. "There is a dangerous and violent side to your daughter that you need to be cognizant of, and you need to put a plan in place to deal with that. You can't just let her come back and move in." He offers to help the family make a plan. "I'm trying to wade through all of this misdirected attention."

"I guess we just needed an answer, and bless [Corrina's] heart, it was easier, I guess, just to say she didn't help enough, and it pushed her over," Beverly says, beginning to cry.

"But you know that's not true," Dr. Phil says. "This was a problem she had before she met [Corrina]. It's a problem she's got after she's out of her life. It's a problem she's going to come home with, and you've got to wrap your mind around that so we can help Barbara." He reiterates his offer to help the family make a plan.