The Easy Hook Up
Watch how Vince prepares for a night on the town.


Dr. Phil laughs and says, "Oh, my." He notes that as Vince waited to join the show, he was coiffing his hair. Dr. Phil says to Rico, "You were actually nodding your head right along. Are you thinking that he's working the system correctly and has got game?"


"He's doing it correctly," he says. "Maybe a lot of people see the offensive remarks, and they might think that it's a little bit off, but the principles, you've got that down pat, my man. And I see myself in you, or I see a lot of things that I was going through at the time. Maybe polish up your image a little more, but I think, overall, Man, you're well on your way."


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Vince, who joins the show via Polycom, "What's your goal? What is it you're trying to achieve here?"


"Charlie Sheen numbers. Charlie Sheen said that he slept with over 5,000 women. I'm 19. I've got a lot of time to catch up to that," he replies.


"So that's your goal? To sleep with as many women as you can?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Not my professional goals, but my little personal goals," he says.

Dr. Phil says to Kelly, "You look like you want to throw up in your mouth."


"I do. I really do," she confirms. "I don't understand. Of course, we all know physically what he gets out of it, but what mentally and emotionally do you get out of just sleeping with woman, after woman after woman, and never really feeling self-worth and never really feeling like you belong to something?"


Dr. Phil asks Adiat, "What do you think about this?"


"We currently have 400 million people on a social networking site. That's a tremendous amount of people who you're reaching out there, so anything that you're doing, naturally, can be seen by all of those people," she says to Vince. "Doesn't that scare you? It should scare you. It should frighten you. You might get with the wrong woman."


"If you lump these things together, the social networking sites would be the second or third largest country in the world," Dr. Phil says.


"It's like Revenge of the Nerds. They're behind a computer," Kelly says.  


"But it's an excellent vehicle," Rico says. "It's just another vehicle to bring women from MySpace to my place."


"I do want to say, you don't advocate exploiting these women and mistreating them in any way," Dr. Phil says to Rico.


"Not at all," he agrees.


[AD]"But there's a contradiction, Dr. Phil," Adiat says. She faces Rico and continues, "Do you see the confusion that could happen? If somebody goes to your profile, and they haven't read your book yet, they could perceive that's what you do " you do exploit women."


"The very men who are looking for that, they'll get the book, and then they'll be brought up to a higher plane," Rico says. "You put the goals and the techniques in the book, and that's what these guys are actually getting out of it."


"Then why don't you have a professional MySpace or Facebook page?" Kelly asks.


Rico says he has multiple accounts.

Dr. Phil asks Vince, "What is your persona online? How do you present yourself online to get all of these hook ups?"


"I'm all myself. I'm doing business. I have my own professional Web site. I'm having fun on Facebook. I'm just doing my thing," he says. "Right now, I'm just trying to have fun, but I'm always looking for that special girl." He adds that a girl from Texas is flying him to see her.  


"She's going to fly you to Texas to take her out?" Dr. Phil asks.


"A little something like that. A little somethin' somethin,'" Vince replies with a smile.


"Do you not feel, in a certain way, that that makes you feel kind of like a prostitute, because someone's paying you to come and sleep with them?" Kelly asks Vince. 


"I'm not trying to play anybody or break anyone's heart. They're all for the same thing," he says. "A male gigolo is great. Rob Schneider showed you guys that." 


"My man, I think you're going a little bit too fast," Rico says to Vince.

[AD]"I'm young still. I didn't even start doing this stuff until I turned 18, so I'm young. I've got a lot of catching up to do," Vince says. 


"It is all about integrity at the date, and if there are two people on the same page, if you're being responsible … " Rico says.


"That advice came from Your Royal Flyness. That advice did not come from me," Dr. Phil makes clear.