Did He or Didn't He: Steven Jr.'s side

Did He or Didn't He: Steven Jr.'s side

"I could stand up to the world and tell the world that I did not ever, ever touch Julia inappropriately. I know deep in my heart I did not do this. I'm standing by that until the day I die," proclaims Steven Jr. "I was never charged with touching Julia by the investigation. They said there was no way I did it."


Steven Jr. has his own theories about Julia's behavior. "It is possible that Julia saw something in a movie and imitated it in her Barbie dolls, or her parents had sex in the same room with her, and they thought she was asleep, and she wasn't," he says.


Steven is ready to put the controversy in his past. "The only reason why I'm doing this show is to tell my dad that I do not want him in my life anymore, because he said that if I did not do this show, then I was guilty of touching her inappropriately," Steven Jr. shares. Eyes brimming with tears, he continues, "It is really painful for me and my girlfriend, because now she's a part of the whole thing. I am very lucky I found Brooke. She loves and is standing by me no matter what."


Steven maintains his innocence. "I would never do anything to hurt Julia or any other child, especially that. It's just sickening," he says, crying. "I have to ask Dr. Phil how to tell my dad that I do not want anything to do with him anymore. I'm fed up with the whole thing."

"These are serious allegations against you," Dr. Phil says to Steven Jr. "Why are they being made?"

With tears welled up in his eyes, he says, "I don't know. That's what I'd like to know."

Dr. Phil reads the allegations against Steven Jr. "Julia allegedly said that you, ‘Touched my pee-pee.' Did you do that?"

"No, I did not," Steven Jr. replies.

"The allegation is, ‘He put a cookie down there and then ate it,'" Dr. Phil continues.

Shaking his head, Steven Jr. says, "I didn't know about that one until yesterday, actually."

"True or false?" Dr. Phil presses.

"That's false," Steven Jr. maintains. 

"She said you told her that if she told anyone about this, that you would tell lies about her, and she would get in trouble," Dr. Phil says. 

"I never heard anything about that either," Steven Jr. says.


"Does it anger you to hear these things being said about you?" Dr. Phil continues.

"Yes, it does, really bad," he says. "It hurts a lot."

"She says you told her that Grandma would be mad at her and think that she was dirty and nasty," Dr. Phil continues. 

"I've never said anything, never touched her or anything. I'm still standing by that because I didn't do it," Steven Jr. says.


Asked about the night that Julia allegedly ran out of the bedroom screaming, Steven Jr. says he doesn't remember it. Pam says she recalls the night.


"Did you hear that happen?" Dr. Phil asks Steve.

"I don't remember him saying, ‘I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything.' I remember him saying, ‘I don't know what's wrong with her,'" he explains.

"It's been recorded by an older stepsister that you got in bed with her and put your arms around her, and that scared her terribly," Dr. Phil says to Steven Jr.

"I didn't do anything inappropriate. That's what I keep saying," he says.


"How about your other sister, Tiffany. Have you ever been accused of anything inappropriate with her?" Dr. Phil probes.


"Um, once," Steven Jr. says.


Looking at Steve, Dr. Phil says, "You say that he's been accused of inappropriately touching her."


"Yes, but I have a hard time believing Tiffany when it comes to anything like that," he says, explaining that she has accused other men of doing the same thing and then denied it happened.

"How do you feel about [Tashika and Pam] saying you did these things?" Dr. Phil asks Steven Jr. "What do you want to say to them?"

"I know I didn't do it, and the only reason why I'm here today is to tell them I don't want anything to do with any of them any more," he says. "I'm done."

Tashika responds, "If you don't want anything to do with myself or my mom, that's fine. But don't do that to your dad, please."


Dr. Phil interrupts Tashika. "It really puzzles me, that in the midst of this, you would be talking about his relationship with his dad, if you believe that your daughter has been molested by the man who sits in front of you right now," he says sternly.

"I want to know if he did it to my daughter. Yes, I do want to know that, very strongly," Tashika says. "But in the same situation, we watch time and time again my mom and my stepdad fight because he can't have a relationship with Steven."

Dr. Phil turns back to Steven Jr., looks him in the eye and says, "If you did this thing, it's going to eat you up from the inside out. If you did this thing, and you need help with it, tell me that now."

"I did not do it," Steven Jr. maintains.

"There is no measure I won't go to to help you, to get you whatever help, counsel, support, whatever you need. If you did this thing, tell me the truth," Dr. Phil presses.

"I did not do this at all," Steven Jr. says.