Divorce Decision: Brandon and Julie

Divorce Decision: Brandon and Julie

Once Emily has been escorted off stage, Brandon takes a seat next to his sister-in-law. "Julie disputes a lot of what you're saying," Dr. Phil informs him. "She says you're denying the fact that there was a concussion. You say [Emily] beat her own head against the wall."

"It's funny because the times that [Julie and I] talked on the phone, she kind of gave me a different story," Brandon says.

Julie tries to make eye contact with Brandon. "I believed what you were saying at first. I don't now," she says. "I caught you in lies, and you know you lied. You won't even look at me."

"What lies have you caught him in?" Dr. Phil inquires.

Julie turns to Brandon. "The most recent, this past Friday, you said that you said, ‘Tell Jenna I love her' in court," she explains.

"That's what I said on the phone," Brandon says.

"That is not what you said."


"That's what I remember," Brandon says.


"I had it on the caller ID," Julie says. "Also, you lied about the e-mail that you sent."


"No, I did not send that e-mail," Brandon says. "I wrote it, and I admit to writing it, and I saved it to my drafts. I don't know how it got sent."


Julie shakes her head at her brother-in-law, speechless.

"You say that your wife, Emily, has acted crazy and done all of these sorts of things. Let me tell you, marrying a guy who gets addicted to porn, gets involved with underage people sexually, creates crimes that can wind up sending you to prison, and if you only do what you admit " in terms of hitting her, and grabbing her and throwing her down " that'll make you act funny!" Dr. Phil observes.

"The only time I ever touched my wife was either out of defense of myself the night she was punching me in the head, or to protect her own life," Brandon asserts. "I saved that woman's life five times, and sometimes I turn around now and ask, ‘Why did I do this?' when she turns around and stabs me in the back in court." 


Dr. Phil advises Brandon to re-evaluate his current relationship. "You, in my opinion, are out of control. You are not thinking right. Getting into a relationship now with this young girl is wrong on so many levels. Not just for her, but for you," he warns.


"I'm the person who is stepping forward, being honest about something that can put me in prison for years. Most people don't do that," Brandon says.

"That's very positive," Dr. Phil says. 

"I'm doing everything I can to get the help that I need. [My girlfriend] is part of my support system," Brandon says. 

"She is not," Dr. Phil counters. "She is a victim of your pathology."

"No, she's not.," Brandon says.

"If you care about this girl, do two things: Number one, get yourself straight before you inject yourself into her life, and two, allow her the opportunity to mature before she gets involved with somebody who's been molesting children. If she was here, I would tell her to turn on her heel and run, not walk, to the nearest exit!"


Dr. Phil has some final words of advice for Brandon. "I just hope you will focus on yourself, and your personality, and your challenges before you get involved with somebody else in a way that can hurt you or them," he says.