Divorce Decision: Emily and Julie

Divorce Decision: Emily and Julie

Once Emily and her sister, Julie, are seated, Dr. Phil brings Emily up to speed on his conversation with Brandon. "Did you beat your own head against a wall and give yourself a concussion?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," Emily replies with a humorless chuckle. "I'm not the crazy one."

"And he gave you the bruises?"

"Yes," she answers.

"Did he hold you down and force pills down your throat?"

"Yes, he did," she replies. "He punched me in the back between my neck and my right shoulder blade, and I fell to the ground and couldn't get up … I told him I couldn't get up; I was crying, in pain, I was curled up in a ball on the floor, so he dragged me over to the couch and forced me to take these pills."

"He said you recently molested him," Dr. Phil says.

"OK," Emily replies with a laugh.

Julie is disgusted by her brother-in-law's actions. "I can't believe the lies that he's telling," she says. "When I had taken Jenna to see him, I told him that [Emily] had a concussion from him, and he said, ‘That's bull. That's from her banging her head on the door.'"

Dr. Phil holds up Brandon's to-do list for Emily. "He says, ‘Number one, Emily must tell her parents the truth, that she's the one who hit me. Number two, Emily must tell her family that she tried to commit suicide. She must tell her parents that the 15-year-old minor I had sex with aggressively goes after older men and women.' And you need to admit that you are vengeful for keeping your daughter from him and holding his belongings hostage, and filing the protection from abuse order."

"The Brandon that I knew does not exist. He was a lie; it was all a lie from the beginning," Emily reflects. "I don't know this man. I don't want anything to do with him. I've moved on with my life, and I'm doing everything possible to do things right for myself and my daughter."

"Did you call his current girlfriend's parents?" Dr. Phil asks. "Did you give them a heads-up on what was going on?"

"After he had beaten me, when I woke up the next day and realized he had drugged me, he left, and the first thing I did was grab the phone and call her parents, and tell them that he had beaten me, and this man was going to come up and see their daughter," Emly explains.

"Why have you not filed for divorce?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"One of the reasons is because there are so many other legal matters going on right now. I can't afford a good lawyer," Emily admits. "Another reason is, at this point, there's not really anything that would benefit me " besides not being his wife " to do that. All he's going to do is marry this poor young girl and ruin her life."

"You say you need a good lawyer. I would think an orangutan could probably get this done," Dr. Phil jokes. Growing serious, he says, "I just think it's important that you stay focused on the safety of your daughter. Look me in the eye very clearly: You're done with Brandon, right?"

"Oh, yes. Definitely," Emily vows. "I was a long time ago."