Divorcing the Family: Mike and Jason

Part of the Problem

Before bringing Mike and Jason out to the stage, Dr. Phil heads to a private room in the studio to talk with them alone. He says, "It seems like this family is out of control. What do you think?"


The boys agree. Mike says, "We have our moments."


Dr. Phil gets the two to admit to defying their parents and irritating each other. He asks them, "How well do y'all get along?"


"Depends on the day. At the moment, we've been getting along pretty good. But, yesterday, I couldn't stand him," Mike answers. "It just depends on the day " depends on the mood."


Dr. Phil asks Mike, "How did you feel about this court thing, the emancipation thing?"


He replies, "It irritated me a little. Actually, a lot. It irritated me a lot."


"I can't imagine how it feels when you believe that your mother is saying ‘I'm giving up,'" Dr. Phil says. "How did that make you feel in your private moments?"


Mike says, "I really didn't think about it very much because a lot of the times she's done it before, where she'll tell me she's going to do it and then ends up not following through with it."


"Do you want her to give up on you?" Dr. Phil asks. Mike says he doesn't.


"Do you want to be part of this family?" Dr. Phil asks him.


"Yeah," Mike answers.


Dr. Phil turns to Jason. "What do you think about it? Do you want him gone?" he asks.


"Sometimes I think about him being gone, just because he's always getting into trouble and stuff, but no, I don't want him gone. Because it would be too weird with him gone," Jason replies.


Dr. Phil tells the teens that they both have problems that need to be addressed. "Don't you think at 17, that if I give you the skills, that it's time for you to step up and be mature enough to contribute to the family calming down?" he asks. "And if I give you some ways to do it, you'll do it?"


Mike and Jason agree.