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Katherine’s Day in Court
"She's got herself caught up in a heavy felony prosecution," says Lee Lockett, Katherine's attorney.

In court, they tell the judge that Katherine has signed and executed a deferred prosecution agreement. The standard terms of the agreement include cooperation with law enforcement, 15 hours of community service, and the cost to the state attorney's office and the cost of the investigation.

[AD]"I'll take this off the docket, and hopefully you will complete all the terms successfully," the judge says to Katherine. "If you don't successfully complete it, then you will be summoned to come back to court."

As they leave the courthouse, Katherine says, "I think it went really well. I got the outcome that I really wanted, and everything was awesome."

Attorney Lockett explains that once Katherine completes the terms, the state will drop the charges against her.
Katherine and Erin join Dr. Phil onstage.

"What's your understanding now about what your vulnerabilities are?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

"I can't get in any trouble with the law. I still have a probation officer," she says. "I have to do 15 hours of community service, but it's kind of like a lower probation."

Erin adds, "She is in trouble and she needs to walk a very straight line for the next year." Looking at her daughter, she says, "This is serious, or you will go back to jail."

Dr. Phil isn't sure Katherine understands the gravity of the situation. "You just stood before a judge and faced potential jail time. You got deferred adjudication, just simply because they don't have the money or the space to house you, or you would probably be doing some time," he tells her.

[AD]Dr. Phil asks attorney Lockett, "If she gets stopped, and she's in possession of marijuana, or she's with somebody who's doing a crime, and she just happens to be in the car, what happens?"

"The state attorney's office could elect to re-file that false police report charge. Then, she would actually have two charges on her plate," he says.

Turning to Katherine, Dr. Phil says, "That thing that you awesomely escaped could come back like that." He explains that the stakes get higher each time she gets tangled with the law. "You want to stay away from getting in trouble with the law again. You want to be careful who you're hanging out with."

"Yes, and I have been," she says.