DP Family Returns: A & K Rivalry: Rehab

"You Don't Know what I Know"

"You want the best for your sister," Dr. Phil says to Alex. She nods. "What's your biggest fear for her right now? What do you think the biggest danger is that she faces at this age, right now?"


"That she's going to end up like me. She's going to think that drinking and self-medicating is the way to make everything go away, and it will make everything better, but it's not," Alex says. 


"She's not just saying that in the moment. She has said it before," Dr. Phil says referring to Alex's comment. He plays a video of Alex talking about her sister's behavior.


"She has a drug problem. Maybe it's not as severe as it could be, but do you really want to get to that point before you ask for help?" Alex says on tape. "I sure as hell don't want to see her go that way. I would be more than happy to go to some Al-Anon meetings with Katherine or take her to some AA meetings with me. I could help her. I doubt that she's going to want that, but I know how hard it is. I was there. I've been there recently."


[AD]When the tape ends, Dr. Phil asks her, "What do you mean when you say that you've been there, and you've been there recently?"


"I've been at the bottom. I've been where all you care about is going out, and partying with your friends and where you're going to get messed up next. I've been there, and I know how hard it is," she says.


"And even though you've fought it, resisted it and denied it when your mother had those concerns about you back then, she was right, just like you and she are right about Katherine now," Dr. Phil says.


Alex nods.

"What do you say?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.


"When we first started this season, I did have a drinking problem and a partying problem. Over the past couple months, I have had a few drinks, but I have not gotten to the point where I'm dependent on something," she explains.


Dr. Phil implores Katherine to tell the truth. "You don't know what I know, and we made a deal. Don't you lie to me, because if you lie to me, I'm somebody you used to know," he says. 


"He means it Katherine. He means it. Just go there, now, please," Erin says to her daughter. 


"You can't do it by yourself, Katherine," Alex tells her sister.


"I don't have any drug issues. I'm not addicted to any specific drug, alcohol, pot or anything like that," Katherine maintains, but she admits that she has used drugs recently.  


"That's a dead-end street," Dr. Phil tells her. "If you're saying that you have that under control, if you say you have the partying under control, then time will tell. If I call down there and say out of the clear blue I want you to take a drug test within the next 12 hours, I expect a drug test within the next 12 hours. Expect that call."


"OK," Katherine says.


[AD]"And when you treat others in a bad way, it reflects on you, not them. It's not becoming," Dr. Phil adds. He asks her if she's proud of the way she degrades her family members with abusive language. 


"No," she replies.


Dr. Phil tells her to stop behaving in that manner. "She's had enough. She made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she's doing the best she can, and she's going to do better," he says to Katherine about her mother. "Everybody needs to do better."