DP Family Returns: Alex Confronts Chris: Alex Interrupts

"I’m Done Playing This Game"

Dr. Phil continues his previous conversation with Chris, Alex's soon-to-be ex-husband. He explains that under Florida law, because Chris and Alex are still legally married, Chris will be considered a responsible parent for Alex's new baby, even though he's not the father. "'At the time a child is born, whoever is considered the legal father will be responsible for child support.' That'd be you," Dr. Phil reads. "'The woman will most likely be successful in obtaining child support from the husband, even if the child isn't his, if they are married.'"


"What you're telling me is I need to tighten up," Chris says.


"You need to get this divorce done, because right now, you've got a baby on the way. You're not the daddy, but you are the father, legally," Dr. Phil clarifies. "I'm not a lawyer. I'm reading from the statute, and so you need to consult your lawyer."


"You're telling me she came out here today and said she does not love me, has no love for me?" Chris asks Dr. Phil.


"That's exactly what she's saying. She's saying that she doesn't have negative feelings about you. She says she wants a relationship with you as a co-parent of your child," Dr. Phil says. "That can't be a surprise to you. I mean, y'all are in the middle of a divorce."


"It is a surprise," Chris says.


"What has she done to send you a different message?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I'm not going there," Chris says, noting that he saw Alex before the show, and they got along well. "She's probably going to be quite pissed off that I'm saying this on national TV, but I'm done playing this game. Game over."


[AD]"What you're telling me is you're still in love with her, and for her to say to me that there's no future there is a different message than you're getting from her?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Pretty much," Chris says. "I know her better than she knows herself. I can tell when she's lying, I can tell when she's faking something."


"Has she told you that she is still in love with you?" Dr. Phil asks.


"No, she hasn't. She won't," Chris says.

Alex walks into the room and says to Chris, "I care about you as Leilah's father."


Chris responds, "I'm done."


"I am in love with Tony, and you need to accept that, Chris," Alex continues.


Chris walks out.  


Dr. Phil asks Chris to return, but the young man says he's ready to go home. 


"This is why this never worked out, because he makes up these things, and he believes them to the fullest extent, and he makes more of something than it is," Alex says. "I don't want to be with him. I don't love him. I love Tony. I want to be with Tony. I want to raise this baby with Tony. I want to make a family." 


"Why is Chris getting such a mixed signal?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"Because he wants to," she says. "Anybody who knows him will say that he makes more out of something than it really is, because deep down in his heart, he still wants to be with me, and that's nice, but I don't want that." She says that she hasn't led Chris on or indicated otherwise. "I have told him, 'I am having a baby with Tony ... You need to accept that. I will always care for you and love you as Leilah's father, but that's it. That's as far as it goes.'"


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Alex about her meeting with Chris before the show. Alex offers a puzzled look and says she didn't see him. "We talked last night, and then this morning, he sent me the flowers and card," Alex says. "A card I didn't read, and flowers I didn't want."


"Well, he must be confused, because he said he saw you this morning," Dr. Phil repeats. 


Alex reiterates that Chris says a lot of things, and that's why their relationship didn't succeed.

"Why did you come in here now? Because you said you didn't want to be with him?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I'm tired. I want it to stop," Alex replies.


"He's not saying that you told him you were in love with him. He's just saying he knows," Dr. Phil says.


"If he feels like, maybe, I'm leading him on, maybe I need to go back to what I was doing and not answering his phone calls and not speaking to him, because obviously, the simplest little thing is sending mixed messages, and that's not my intention at all," Alex says. "That part of my life is over with. I'm done. I've moved past it. I want something else."


[AD]"Would it be over if you weren't pregnant?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"Yes, it would," Alex replies. 


"You're done with Chris," Dr. Phil says, and Alex confirms. "Are you saying this because it's true, or are you saying this because Anthony is watching this sitting next to you on the couch?"


"I am honest with him. I tell him everything and anything. I don't keep secrets, because I've seen my parents do that, and I've watched where that led to, and if I didn't want to be with Tony, if I didn't want to be in that situation, I wouldn't be," she says.

Chris rejoins the conversation and gets a few things off of his chest.


With a smile on her face, Alex says, "Those are his true colors. I mean, this hour-long conversation we had, we had for 15 minutes in front of my mother. I'm so confused."


"I think the message has certainly been delivered at this point," Dr. Phil says. "He's obviously hurt, because the guy's still in love with you, and you don't want to be unkind about that ... It's a painful thing to him, but he's got the message now. He'll probably be upset. I would suggest that you limit your contact with him." 


[AD]"I have never said, 'I have feelings for you,'" Alex says. "I have said, from day one, since he got out of jail, 'I want to be with Tony. I love him. I want to start a relationship. I will care for you as Leilah's father. We need to focus on Leilah as parents.'"


"And his message is that you're telling him one thing off camera and saying another thing on camera," Dr. Phil says, "because Tony's watching, and you don't want him to be upset."  He reiterates that she must get her divorce from Chris finalized.