DP Family Returns: Alex Confronts Family -- Alex and DP

Moving Forward

Dr. Phil addresses Alex. "You get the court to make a custody decision and then come back later and ask them to decide that they were wrong, it just doesn't happen. You better win this, and you better win it now," he says. "You're real defensive of this Tony guy, who I don't even know. He will not be an outcome determinative factor in this. So I'm not going to tell you at some point that you need to get rid of him. That's not going to have anything to do with it."


"Tony's family loves me no matter what," Alex says. "His mom has been more supportive than my mom."

"They love you no matter what?" Dr. Phil asks. "So do I."

[AD]Dr. Phil assures Alex that he will work with her lawyer. "But do not let me get surprised on anything. You tell me straight up anything I need to know. There's nothing I can't deal with if I know it up front," he says. 

Alex nods.

"Here's where I want to be six months from now," Dr. Phil says. "I want you to be working and in school. I want you to have both of your children with you. I want you to have the income and the circumstance to be able to handle them with stability and comfort, and we're going to be working on healing these relationships, because I want you to be happy."