DP Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment: Erin's Marriage

A Marriage in Trouble?

Dr. Phil asks Erin, "Do you not want to be married to Marty?"

"Yes and no," she replies.

"Does he want to be married to you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," Erin says.


Erin grows emotional as she describes the current state of her marriage.



Alex adds that her father questions her mother about the people she speaks with on the phone.

[AD]"I know Marty loves me," Erin says. "I do love Marty. We're just in different places right now, and I want somebody next to me who can talk to me." She says that when Alex and Katherine meet men that are similar to Marty, it frightens her. "In the long run, these men are going to cut them off from everything around them," she says. "Whatever it is I do, if Marty is home, he wants me right here."

"When all of us are leaving, and he's stuck at home, he gets angry and grumpy. It's not fair," Alex says.

"I don't want to bash Marty," Erin says. "He has tried really, really hard about a lot of things, but he is just a scared little boy in a lot of ways."

"What are you and Marty doing to work on this?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

[AD]"What are we supposed to do, Dr. Phil?" Erin asks. "We have been in counseling so many times … Marty is a great guy, but he has a wall thicker than the Great Wall of China, and he is not letting anybody in there." She adds that she can take the verbal lashings, but she does not approve of him verbally attacking their daughters. "That's what really pisses me off."

Alex adds that people outside the family are aware of his behavior as well. "I love my dad, but he's a jackass," she says. 

"I have a plan," Dr. Phil says. "We have to make a decision."