DP Family Returns: DP Scolds Family: Erin and girls

"Recklessly Out of Control"

Erin shows pictures of her daughters, Alexandra and Katherine, growing up through the years. "I'm amazed at how fast the time goes, from little girls to women," she says. Holding a picture of when Alex was 6 and Katherine was 4, she continues. "They were very close at that point. Because there's only two-and-a-half years difference between the two of them, they were both little together, so they really enjoyed each other's company, and they loved playing dress-up and all that kind of stuff," she says. "One of the most treasured memories I have was when we went snorkeling in the keys, and the girls were very watchful of each other, and stayed together and held each other's hand."


Erin says she noticed her daughters started drifting apart when Alex was 12. "The moment that drove the wedge between Alexandra and Katherine was the moment that Katherine found out Alexandra was pregnant with Nathan. Katherine always looked up to Alexandra. She was just heartbroken," she recalls. "Katherine is hurting. She misses her sister, and she's tried to say that to Alexandra, and they're just not communicating at all right now. It breaks my heart when Katherine says that Alexandra is not her sister. I really want Dr. Phil to help Alexandra and Katherine find their bond once again." 


In the studio, Dr. Phil says to Alex and Katherine, "That's upsetting to me." He asks the girls, "Do y'all miss the relationship you had?"


"Yes I do," Katherine says.


[AD]Alex nods.


Erin adds, "I think they miss each other, really, because they squabble with me so much, and I feel like if they could be close again, that they'd have each other."


"We're going to talk about some things today that I don't think y'all expect to talk about," Dr. Phil tells the women. "You guys keep me in crisis management so much that I don't get much time to talk about the things I want to talk about. We're going to talk about some of the ground rules about going forward."

Dr. Phil says to Katherine, "You have recently announced that you're planning to join forces with Nathan's father in the custody battle against your own sister."


"My sister doesn't value our relationship at all. She'd rather be with Tony or with her girlfriends all the time," she says. "She's starting to come to the house more often, and she's there with Leilah and Nathan when they're both there. So, no. I regret saying that. I'm always going to be there for her. In the heat of the moment, I just say stupid things."


"Is there a point at which you get ready to say something, and you say, 'I'm not going to say that, because it is too hurtful, it is too destructive, it is not becoming to me as a young woman, and I'm just not going to do that'? Do you have an edit button?" Dr. Phil asks Alex and Katherine.


"I do, and I've used it quite a lot," Alex says.  


[AD]"So what we get from you is the edited version?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Well, not necessarily here," she says. "But when Katherine announced to everyone that she was going to testify against me, and I was terrible at whatever, I could have said what I wanted to, but I didn't, and a lot of that has to do with the counseling that my mom and I are having. You know, I've learned say what you need to say, say it once. If they get it, then you don't need to say it again."


"I do blah a lot," Katherine says. "I would like to learn how to go, 'Oh, that's not good.'"

Dr. Phil shares one of his motivations for teaching Katherine how to edit her words. He plays a clip of Katherine smart talking and insulting her sister and mother, and when it ends, he says, "You called your sister a whore, a breeding cow."


"But, see, the thing is she didn't tape what she said to me earlier in that conversation," Katherine says."I do regret that. It was very inappropriate for me to say those things."


"There's a point at which we're going to have to start changing some of this, because it is out of control. It is recklessly out of control," Dr. Phil says to Katherine. "It's like you just verbally vomit everything you ever thought. You just blah. It's just out there." He asks her what her payoff is for calling her family members names.


[AD]"Nothing really. I just feel so angry. I have a temper. I do. It was just stupid," she says. 


"This has got to stop. This is not what civilized people do," Dr. Phil says.