DP Family Returns: Erin and Alex Standoff: Bridget

A Glimpse into the Future?

Dr. Phil asks Bridget to describe her childhood. 


"I was actually Leilah, exactly," she says. "My mother was making very similar choices that Alexandra has made and as a result, she lost custody of me and my two siblings. And she was also pregnant with a fourth child, and she lost that child as well."


Dr. Phil says to Alexandra, "This does happen. It can happen, and it did happen here. It's a very similar situation." He asks Bridget who raised her. 


"My grandparents raised the three of us, and then my younger brother was raised by his other grandma," she says.


Dr. Phil points out the similarity, in that Nathan is being raised by his other grandmother, and Erin and Marty are raising Leilah.  


Bridget shares an emotional message with Alex and Erin.


"When you hit 21, you were kind of a party girl," Dr. Phil says to Bridget. "And your mother was kind of like an aunt."


[AD]"Yeah," Bridget confirms. "When she first came back into the picture, she wasn't a mother. For so many years of my life, she was not my mother. I had a relationship with her like I have with my aunts."


Dr. Phil notes that Bridget's oldest sister does not have a relationship with her mother. He asks Alex, "What would you say to Nathan if he said, 'Why can I not be with you?'"


"I've thought about that a lot. I've toyed around with different ways to answer that, and the simplest way I can tell him is that I made a mistake. I did something dumb, and unfortunately, he suffered from it," she says. "I'll never be able to tell him how sorry I am, and that's why I'm working so hard now to make things right."

Dr. Phil asks Erin for her thoughts about Bridget's comments.


"I appreciate the fact that she's able to say that, 'Yes, I still have questions for my mom, and it's not perfect now,'" she says. She asks Bridget, "Do you still have resentment toward your mom?"


"As of right now, no. Honestly, I believe that at that time, my grandparents were the right place for us. I can't tell you guys enough how amazing they are, how amazing they were to us growing up," she says. "They had to go against their child, and I know that's very hard for you. You're going against Alexandra. They had to do it. It wasn't a matter of what if. They can't toy with that. They had to do it, because my mother was not stepping up, and if you're here, and you're not raising the bar, somebody else has to. My grandparents were the ones to do that. I love them dearly." She adds that her grandmother passed away in 2005, and since then, she's committed to helping the cancer community in her honor.  


[AD]"She's so articulate and just an amazing young woman. I'm glad to see that you can come from such diversity and turn out so well," Erin says, fighting back tears.


"I have my grandparents to thank for that," Bridget says. "I remember years ago, you said it would take a Superman effort or Herculean effort to fix things. You've done it."


"I don't feel like that, but thank you," Erin says with tears welled in her eyes.

Dr. Phil addresses Alexandra. "I wonder if the things I've said to you here, just a few minutes ago, about what these examiners are going to look for and what your attitude adjustment needs to be going into that, do you feel like those things are something that I'm saying to you that are critical, or do you hear those as things that I'm saying to you that are helpful?"


"Both," she replies. "Of course, nobody ever likes to hear that they need to fix something or something's wrong, but I know that you say them with my best interest in mind."


"I just don't want you to lose because you're wearing an attitude that I know is not really who you are," Dr. Phil tells her. "I know you do a lot of things to protect yourself, because you get so tired of hurting, and so you kind of take an attitude of get them before they get me. I just don't want you to carry that attitude into these next couple of weeks, because if you do, I predict you will have a bad outcome."


[AD]"Thank you. I really appreciate the things that you've done for me, and the advice that you've given, and I just hope that finally, one day, I can make everybody happy," she says.