DP Family Returns: Katherine Fired: Erin and Chris

Chris Returns
Dr. Phil asks Chris what he concludes from Tony's polygraph exam.

"In my heart, I felt like it was him, and this is just more evidence," he says.

Dr. Phil states that Tony denies any involvement in Leilah's bruises. He turns to polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco and asks, "Is there any other conclusion here than just simply [Tony] is not going to take that test?"

[AD]"I don't think he's ever going to take a polygraph test again, because he knows it works," he says.

"To me, you have to draw your own conclusion to this," Dr. Phil says to Erin and Chris. "What I'm concerned about is Alex's judgment in this situation. To have all of this overwhelming evidence, and she says, ‘No. I'm OK with this. I don't see a problem,' that speaks to her judgment. I do not support Tony in this relationship, I do not support Tony being around Leilah, and I do not support Alexandra allowing that to happen. I think it is wrong." He adds that if he were to make a decision about the situation, he would not allow Tony to be around Leilah.

Currently, Leilah is living with Erin and Marty, and Nathan will soon return to their home as well. Dr. Phil asks her what's going to happen with the baby Alex is currently carrying.

"Alexandra is bent on doing the right thing with that one," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Erin and Chris if they get along.

"We tolerate each other," Erin says.

"There's no disrespect," Chris adds.

[AD]"Erin can have an edge to her," Dr. Phil says to Chris, "but really, hasn't she earned some of this?"

"I agree. From day one, I've told her and Marty that I respect them," Chris says. "They've done more for me than anybody in my life has ever done for me. I have a lot of respect for them."

Erin and Chris agree that they are working together for the well-being of Leilah.