DP Family Returns: Katherine Fired: Katherine

Pushing Dr. Phil Too Far

During Katherine's last appearance on the show, she agreed to take a random drug test if Dr. Phil asked for one.


Watch what happens when a nurse shows up to give Katherine a test.

Dr. Phil asks Erin for her thoughts.

"I'm not surprised," she says.

"I'm very disappointed. You understand, at this point, she and I are done. That's it," Dr. Phil says. "There is only one conclusion: She didn't take that test because she couldn't pass it." He reiterates that Katherine made commitments to him and didn't keep them, so he will no longer work with her or help her out. He addresses the camera, "Do not call me, Katherine, when you have your next problem. You made a commitment to me. You didn't keep it. Your parents have enabled you in the past. I will not join with that now." Turning to Erin, he says, "I ask you not to continue doing this. She wants to choose the behavior, she needs to choose the consequences that go with it. It's just that simple."

[AD]Erin returns home and gives Katherine the message that she is no longer part of the show.

Watch Katherine's response, and find out Erin's concerns.