DP Family Returns: Katherine Storms Off: Katherine

Going Home

Katherine reflects on her day. "Today was a very rough day. I walked out on Dr. Phil, which I regret now. It wasn't a very smart decision. I know he was trying to help me, but I just felt like the entire world was crashing down on me," she says.


[AD]The teen also received a disturbing call from her father. "My dad told me that I'm no longer welcome at his house. He took my car, my phone. He was very worried, and he got very upset," she shares.


After she arrives in Florida, she says, "I just talked to my mom, and my dad's not there, so my mom and I are going to talk to try and figure out a plan. I am going to tell my mom that Dr. Phil called me, and give her the details about the discussion we had and let her know what exactly is going on," she explains. "I'm relieved that my dad's not there so I don't have to face him or talk to him."