DP Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath: Erin and Katherine

Behavior Contract

On home video, Katherine explains the contract she made with her mother. "This is a little thing that says, ‘You're smart, you're beautiful, you can do anything.' I look at it when I get out of the shower, and it gives me kind of a little oomph," she says. "This is the list of things my mom wants me to do and not do: don't drink, don't take drugs, be out of bed by 10, drink 10 glasses of water a day, be home on the weekdays " I can't spend the night out " I have to take responsibility for my actions, can't say hurtful things. If I don't [comply], my mom has to ask me to leave."


In the studio, Dr. Phil asks Erin if Katherine is complying with the terms. 


[AD]"She does the dishes and cleans up, and she's actually done it without me asking," she says. 


Dr. Phil asks Katherine, "The things that are on this behavioral contract that you've agreed to, among them are that you don't drink or do drugs. Are you sticking to that?"  


"Yes, I have been, and it's actually been very tough for me to not go out drinking with my friends. I miss it, but I'd rather be a teacher than a drunk," she says.


"And you disagree with that," Dr. Phil says to Erin.


"I totally disagree," she replies.


Dr. Phil tells Katherine he will offer her a therapist that she can speak with on her own, without any of her family involved. Katherine agrees to participate. "I think you've got to set some goals here, and it's not all about your mother," Dr. Phil says. "The older you get, the more the consequences fall back on you. You're not going to school for your mother or anybody else. You're going to school for you, and you're going to sell that skill set of being a licensed educator. That's going to be your way to get through this world, right? That's your road to independence." He adds that she needs to treat her kidney condition and remove toxic influences from her life.


Katherine agrees.


[AD]Dr. Phil reminds the sisters that their college tuitions are paid for so they both just need to find jobs. "Then you're up and running. You're on your own." He tells Katherine that she will soon have answers about her medical condition, so she needs to work on her other issues as well. "You don't want to be out there with a teaching certificate, rolling along so messed up psychologically, emotionally, anger-wise that it ruins it for you," he says. "And when you say things that you say with the bitterness and the anger, that's just not healthy."


"No, it's not, and I wish I wasn't so angry with my sister, but I just can't get around it. I can't," she says.