DP Family Returns: Trouble with Alex: Delivery Room

"She’s Not Going to Be Able to Control Herself or Her Mouth"

"I don't want Leilah exposed to Tony at all, and there's a chance Leilah could be living with them, and that's very scary," Erin says on video. "DCF has to go in and do a home study, where they watch Alexandra and Tony and make a determination if it's a healthy environment for the children. All I can do is hope that Tony's true character is revealed in some manner, and they determine that he's not an appropriate choice. I'm very scared. I don't want Tony in the house. I don't even want him around me. I think he is pure evil."


In studio, Dr. Phil asks Alexandra about the status of her pregnancy.


[AD]Alex shares that she's due July 3 or 4, but she thinks she will deliver the baby early. She gives an update on her condition. "It's been a little difficult. I'll get sick a couple of days out of the week. It's just been something that I've been dealing with and taking medication for, but overall, it's been OK," she says. "Everybody keeps telling me how small I am, but the doctor says that everything is OK, and the baby is measuring where it's supposed to be."


"But you're not trying to stay small?" Dr. Phil asks. 


"No," Alex replies. "I eat."


Dr. Phil asks Alex who is going to be in the delivery room with her, and she becomes emotional as she talks about delivering her new baby.

"What have you said to [Tony] about his relationship with your mother?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"That it hurts me that they can't be civil with each other, and I wish that they would," she says. 


"Have you talked to him about his role in this? Because you said your mother was crude, had a big mouth, was selfish, made it all about her and created drama. What's the Tony version of that? What do you say to him?" Dr. Phil probes.


"I didn't call my mom selfish. I didn't want her to make it about her," Alex clarifies. 


"That seems to be synonymous to me, but OK. I'm glad you know that," Dr. Phil says. "What has been your criticism of him?"


"I've said, 'When my mom says stuff to you, you just need to ignore it and not respond to her,'" Alex says. 


Dr. Phil reminds Alex, "On the last show, Tony told Erin to shut the bleep up. I, personally, would have a hard time with anybody talking to my mother that way."


"I heard what my mom had said, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't take somebody talking to me like that either," Alex says.  


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Alex if her mom will have a role in the new baby's life.


"I don't know," she says, explaining that she asked her mother if she wanted to feel the baby move, and Erin just stuck her hand out and didn't say anything. "So, I don't know what she wants." She wipes away tears.


"So she's not really sharing in this experience with you. She's not excited with you or for you in any way that you feel a sense of camaraderie here," Dr. Phil says.


Alex agrees. 

"What's the main difference in the way you're going to come out of the chute with this baby versus the other two?" Dr. Phil asks Alex. 

"Well, for one, I'm not living at home with my mom, and I've been living on my own, I've had to do deal with things on my own," she says. "I'm just hoping that I can do it right this time, that I can get it right."


"Is there any question that you have for me that bears on that? That helps you to do this in a successful and positive way? Is there any questions you have of me, or anybody I could find you as the answer man, who can get you answers to this?" Dr. Phil asks. 


"This would be the time, really. You should do this, Alexandra. Please," Erin interjects.


Alex pauses, wipes away tears and asks, "How do I learn to have a healthy relationship with my mom? What can I do so we could have a relationship?"


"Alexandra, that's a really nice question, and we have been in therapy, and you actually blew off your last appointment with the therapist," Erin says.


Alex retorts saying her mother often misses their sessions.


"What I'm trying to say is, Alexandra, you sound great, you sound absolutely wonderful, but your behavior and your facial expression show us a completely different answer," Erin continues. 

"You thought she would have a different question?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]"I had no idea what her question would be," Erin says. "I was hoping it would be something like, ‘How do I make my family work? How can I be a really good mom with my kids?' or something more honest and from her soul. Because her and my relationship isn't the most important thing right now. The most important thing is her relationship with her children and her life."

Dr. Phil explains to Alex why she's pushed him to the edge.