DP Family: Sean's Interest

Young Love

Dr. Phil asks Sean why he didn't meet Erin and Marty when he started dating Katherine.

"I was just nervous and shy, what they might think of me," he says.

"What would you think if you had a daughter, and she was dating you?" Dr. Phil probes.

"I would be upset," Sean says.

Dr. Phil revisits the recent events Katherine has been through since being in a relationship with Sean and says to Katherine, "What really bothers me is why it's OK with you. Why are you willing to settle for that kind of behavior from him?"

[AD]Erin wipes away tears.

Dr. Phil continues. "Have you thought about having eye contact with him and saying, ‘Get a job. Get in school. Stay out of jail. Quit hanging out with people who decide to rob somewhere and quit putting me in jeopardy'?" he asks Katherine. "You deserve that."

"We have had that conversation," she says.

In a previous show, Sean said that he and Katherine are equally vested in the relationship at this moment.

"What does that mean?" Dr. Phil asks Sean. "If she's really not the one for you, you would be doing her a kindness [to tell her]." Turning to Katherine, he asks, "Wouldn't you want to know?"

"Yeah," she replies.

Sean says, "I made my mistakes, and she's made her mistakes in the relationship, and we've both had our ups and downs over the four-month period, but as of right now, we're pretty good."

"Do you hear kind of a non-answer answer in there?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

[AD]"Yeah," she says.

"That's not how you feel. Is it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," she says. Becoming emotional, she continues, "I really do care about him a lot, and he means a lot to me."

Dr. Phil repeats his question for Sean. "Is she more invested in this than you are?"

Sean responds and Erin sheds tears.