DP Family: Sean's Mom

Sean's Perspective

When Sean was released from jail, he shared his perspective of the events.


"That particular night, Katherine and I got into a big argument. She left me. She went with one of my best friends back to his house, and that's how everything started. She wasn't answering my phone calls. Everything was going through my head. I was thinking the worst because I know him very well, and I was really falling for her at the time. I felt totally betrayed," Sean shares.


[AD]"I was really upset. I was angry at her. I was angry at my best friend. I really snapped. I just lost it. Jealousy got the better of me," he continues. He went to a party and says he started drinking to forget about everything that was going on. "One thing led to another."


In the studio, Dr. Phil shares his initial impression of Sean. Facing Katherine he says, "He's not nearly invested in this relationship as you are. You're more in love than he is." To Sean, he says, "I don't think you're a bad guy. I really don't. I think you have made some really dumb decisions."

Dr. Phil addresses Katherine and Sean. "This is now adult games, and that means adult outcomes," he says. To Sean, he continues, "You're going to have to start making different decisions, or you're going to hurt yourself and everybody around you. You're going to wind up in jail." He adds that because of Sean's previous troubles with the law, if he becomes involved in other serious matters, he is going to face a harsh punishment.

"It could happen this time," says Bryan Shorestein, Sean's attorney.

[AD]Dr. Phil probes and learns that when Sean arrived in Los Angeles for the show, he went out and drank alcohol, which is illegal because he's only 20. "You've been out of jail 72 hours, and you're breaking the law, again, in California," Dr. Phil says.

"I know," Sean replies.

"No, you don't know, because you're not thinking about it," Dr. Phil says. "I don't want to be playing this back to you in a jailhouse interview. You've got stuff to clean up, both of you." He tells Katherine that she could face trouble as well if she doesn't walk a straight line. "You guys need to slow down."

Sean's mother, Caren, joins the show via phone, and Dr. Phil asks her for her thoughts.

"You go, Dr. Phil," she says. "You hit the nail on the head. Sean is just walking through life like he's sleeping. He is just making bad choices, bad decisions and just continues to do so."

[AD]Dr. Phil faces Sean and says, "Statistically, the chance that [Katherine's] the one that you're going to be married to 33 years from now is probably zero, and the reason is because you're both in a real transient time of your life." He adds that their brains won't finish growing until they're 25, and the last part to grow is the reasoning center. "At this point, I think you're just living in the moment."


Erin asks Caren, "Why doesn't Sean have a car?"

"Basically, he abuses the privilege," she says, explaining that when he borrows it, he often doesn't return it until much later than expected. "We have found empty beer cans in there on occasion, and it's just a matter of abuse. He has no respect for what we give him."

Caren explains why she thinks Sean is disrespectful of Katherine.

Dr. Phil asks Katherine, "Why were you reluctant to meet his parents, or did he not want them to meet you?"

"I don't really know why he didn't want me to meet his parents, because I love both his parents. They're great people, and I think they both like me," she says.

Sean says he introduced her after they became serious.