DP Housewives: Goodbye Gloria
Gloria prides herself on being a strong, independent single mom, as well as a business owner. She says that she has spent years working on her spiritual self and desires to find a man who will join her on her journey.

Gloria tells Dr. Phil that she's learned unanticipated lessons from being with the group, and she feels transformed. "Two of the things that became immediately obvious to me: one is my delivery and the way I speak with people. When I can have the absolute best intentions, it doesn't come across that way. And, of course, my extreme reactivity," she explains. She references when she called out Kimm at the roundtable, and that thinking back on it, she may have waited until a more appropriate time.

"You have to gauge how ready somebody is to hear something," Dr. Phil tells her. "If you feed it to them faster than they can digest it, they'll throw it all back up on you."

Dr. Phil asks Gloria something he's been wanting to know but didn't want to ask in front of the other women.

[AD]Gloria says the process of being on the show is leading her toward that. "It's part of the scheme of my life and what was meant to be, and I'm grateful," she says.