Dr. Phil Family: Alex and Brandon Intervention, 2: Testimonials

“I’m Scared You Will Die from These Choices You Continue to Makeâ€

Once Alexandra reluctantly agrees to listen to her loved ones, a close family friend reads what she has prepared.

"Alexandra, I have seen your behavior affect your life in the following ways: I have seen the pain and sorrow your choices have caused your family, and I've also watched you isolating yourself from good influences to harmful ones," she begins. "I feel very concerned for your life, as your dependencies continue to dominate you, and the real Alexandra becomes invisible. And, I fear hearing anguish in your mother's voice, telling me that you've been incarcerated or hospitalized. It is not OK to keep enabling you to live like this. I can only support you in your life if you are willing to get help for yourself today. Alexandra, if you are willing to accept help today, I will support you."

Alexandra's sister, Katherine, fights back tears as she reads her heartfelt message.


Another family friend reads his thoughts, and then Debbie asks Alexandra, "Do you think your family cares or has your best interest in mind?"

"I don't really know what they have in mind. I think they have themselves in mind," she replies.

[AD]"You don't think Katherine cares about you?" Debbie asks.

"No, I really don't. Truly, I don't," Alexandra says with a laugh.

"Is it possible that you could be wrong?" Debbie continues.

"No, really, no," Alexandra says. "I'm sorry that hurts her, but there have been so many times when I've called, and she hasn't answered, or she's told me awful, horrible things, but that's OK. I'm putting up with it. I've excluded her from my life. I don't need it."

"Are you pleased with the life that you're leading?"

"Actually, I am happy."

Erin begins to cry as she reads her sentiments to Alexandra.


As Erin pours out her emotions, a police car arrives at the house. "My sister called the police and then hung up, and of course, they came over immediately," Katherine explains.

As Alexandra speaks with the authorities, Brandon and Katherine check to see if there are any drugs in her purse.

"She might have something illegal that she doesn't want me to find," Brandon says.

Katherine reveals that she found a pill jar containing two-and-a-half Oxycodones in it but no prescription bottle. "I am also disappointed that none of the officers stuck around for anything to make sure that she would have been safe," she says.

The intervention continues. "Alexandra, it is not OK for me to keep enabling you to live like this. I can only support your life if you are willing to help yourself today," Erin says. "If you are not willing to take part in this recovery process, you need to know that our relationship will change in the following ways: I will no longer continue to check in with you on Twitter or anywhere else. I won't pay your cell phone bill or give you any money whatsoever, and Dad has agreed. I will contact the judge to sentence you to a court-mandated drug rehabilitation. I will contact the police to inform them of your illegal activities. And, I will also contact the county police stating your truck is being used to sell drugs."


[AD]Erin continues, stating that if Alexandra is willing to accept help, she will support her by attending meetings and help her secure a house to live in.

Alexandra smirks and rolls her eyes.

When Marty begins speaks, will he be the one to grab Alexandra's attention?


Marty reminds Alexandra that right before Christmas, he and Erin spent close to $1,000 to help her get her license reinstated. "You feel that this is some big joke here, don't you?" he asks his daughter.

"I do. I really do," she says sarcastically. "Your family doesn't kick you when you're down. That's what y'all have done."

[AD]"Because I won't give you money for your drugs?" Marty asks. "And you know I have, numerous times."

"Are we done?" Alexandra asks.

Brandon interrupts saying, "Alexandra, I've been where you're at."

Alexandra leaves the house.