Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra in Denial: Dr. Phil and Alex

Negligence as a Mother?

When they last met, Dr. Phil arranged for Alexandra to meet with two of the top doctors in the country to evaluate the severity of her back problems: neurosurgeon J. Patrick Johnson, one of the leading spine specialists in America, and neurologist Jason Berkley. After their meeting, Alexandra needed to race home to enroll in school. Dr. Phil asks her for an update.


Alexandra shares that it's been difficult because the tags on her truck have expired, and she has a suspended driver's license. "Getting around has been difficult for me," she says. "I'm trying to get into school. I haven't started yet, but the classes start soon." She adds that she's trying to arrange transportation so she can attend.

When Alexandra tells Dr. Phil that her children are doing well, he asks her, "How often do you see them?"

"I can't talk about that," she replies. "That's in relation to my open case, and there is a gag order in place."

"From what we understand, you went 68 days without ever seeing one of the three," Dr. Phil says. "Is that true?"

"I can't answer that," she says.

[AD]Dr. Phil points out that there is a visitation facility where Alexandra can see her children, and it's located 1,500 feet from where she was staying. "I assume there's no reason you don't want to see your kids," he says.

"No," she confirms, adding that she would like to see them.

Dr. Phil asks Alexandra for an update on her back pain.

"I'm managing it," she says.