Dr. Phil Family Returns: Delivery Room Drama

Delivery Room Drama

Erin was not in the delivery room, but the experience was caught on tape. She watches the delivery of her grandchild for the first time with Dr. Phil.

Watch as Alexandra gives birth to a baby boy.

When Erin finally arrives at the hospital to see her daughter and meet her new grandson, emotions rise.

See how Erin reacts to her daughter and Tony's mom after the delivery. 

"You came in looking for a fight," Dr. Phil states.

"Dr. Phil, I'm sure you've got a sense of what's been going on this summer. I was pretty hurt, and upset and very angry," she explains.

"Well, you've got to admit; looking at that, you were very antagonistic. The baby had just been delivered. You came in, in her face, accusatory, condescending to the " I mean, you were upset."

"I was very upset. I mean, this has been a culmination of an entire pregnancy, essentially, and here's Tony's mother here to save the day. You know, acting like she's the best mom in the world," she vents.

"In retrospect, was that the time to do that?" he asks.

"No, I shouldn't have even gone," Erin admits.

Tensions did not subside after Erin left the delivery room. In her own words, she explains what happened next:

"I had just left the delivering room, and I'm sitting outside in the hallway. Tony's mother follows me out there to further berate me about some things and continue to harass me. I am sitting down when another young woman walks by. This young woman turned around and started whaling on me. This is Tony's cousin that attacked me, because I make a comment a little too close to home, I suppose. After being attacked, I called the police and filed a report. They're not going to lay hands on me and not feel the consequences."

"OK, what was going through your head at that point? Were you wanting to start a fight with this girl?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]"No, I guess what I was trying to say is, ‘People, there's something wrong here. Your children have problems. Y'all think you're so great. You're not,'" she explains.

Erin remembers, "Alexandra looked terrible. When I walked in after she had that baby, she was very thin; she was gray and gaunt, not like she just had a baby. I was there with her with her other two children. This was different. This was very different."