Dr. Phil Takes on Abusers: Exclusive
Dr. Phil talks with parents who are determined to have their children make it as beauty queens and actresses.
Dr. Phil points out that it is really important to recognize that you don't break habits, but rather you replace one set of behaviors with a new set of behaviors. "I guarantee you, you get a lot of anxiety release when you do this raging," he says to Erin. "That decompresses you for a time, so when we take that away from you, you've got to have some new skills to decompress yourself " some constructive skills of anxiety management tools, and anger management tools, and relaxation tools." Dr. Phil reiterates that there is a sense of urgency for her to learn these new skills, so things can change right away for her son.Dr. Wexler shares his thoughts with Erin. "I really believe that your baby, in some ways, is the best wake-up call that is possible for the
relationship," he says to her. "One of the things we use with men and women going through these kinds of programs is what is called the 'scare yourself image.' When you're tempted to either say something or do something that would be destructive in the relationship, picture what it would look like to your child. Picture what your child would think or feel when you're about to do that. We found that even with some of the most defended and angry men that we've worked with, that's one of the things that can help govern their behavior more than anything else."