What Your Body Language Says
See what Darcy and Craig's body language says about their relationship.


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"How did she do in grading your paper?" Dr. Phil asks Darcy.


"Pretty good," she replies.


[AD]"Did you catch him checking out the woman?"


"I did. I'll vouch for that," she says.


Craig says he noticed the woman because she was wearing a green dress.


Darcy says she tried to hide her dislike of Craig's glance.


"Why did you try to hide it?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Because I'm accommodating," Darcy replies.


Dr. Phil asks Dr. Glass, "You said that there is one thing that she really needs to do in this relationship. What is it?"


"Communicate," Dr. Glass says to Darcy. "If something is bothering you, speak up. He's going to love you anyway, so just go for it."


"You think she is too accommodating," Dr. Phil says to Dr. Glass.


"I think she is a little too accommodating, and she might blow up after a while," she says. "It's better to say what's going on. You could say it politely and sweetly like you do, but you need to speak up."


[AD]"Why wouldn't you say something to him when you caught him checking that girl out?" Dr. Phil asks Darcy. 


"My thought process was that someone just walked in, he looked. My instinct, my reaction that you see is kind of like, 'Grrr!' Like he's looking at another girl, but then I kind of came to my senses, thinking, you know, someone just walked in the door. He looked up. No big deal. That's why I didn't say anything," Darcy explains.