A 9-Year-Old's Nightmare

Wade stands to tell the story of the day his life changed. "I was 9. And a white gentleman " I never had any interaction with white people at all, not even teachers. The only white people I saw were on TV. Somebody broke his garage window, and so he asked me, could I help him find who broke his window? So we get in his car, and we're just riding around, and we stopped the car, and he " I was a little 9-year-old," Wade explains, getting choked up, "and he tries to pull my head over to force me to perform oral sex on him, and I weaseled my way out. I was reaching for the door, and he grabs the back of my shirt and pulls me down, and he's holding me down. I remember him being really strong. That's what I just keep remembering, him being strong. And um … "

Wade pauses, and Ron reaches up and pats him on the back in encouragement. He continues. "And he pulled my pants down, and he started raping me. And I just remember it hurting really bad, really bad. And he had a scent, and he had an unshaved face. And I was fighting, I mean, I was struggling really hard, but I wasn't stronger than him, and I was so frustrated and so mad. I was so mad. And I struggled until I couldn't fight anymore, so I stopped, and I just waited until he finished. And I got out of the car when he was done, and I went to walk home, and I couldn't walk. So I just stood there for a long time, and nobody asked me if I was OK or nothing. I was just there, and I know I died that day. I died that day. I know I died that day," Wade says, crying. "And the worst part about it: It happened again in my life. And it took all my courage and all my will, and it leaves me feeling like nothing."

"You stood there at 9 years old, and nobody asked you if you were OK," Dr. Phil says.

"No," Wade says, looking down.

Dr. Phil puts his hands on either side of Wade's neck. "Look at me. Are you OK?" he asks.

Wade shakes his head no.

"Do you want to be?" Dr. Phil asks.

Wade nods, and Dr. Phil embraces him in a hug. The others are caught up in the moment and weep for Wade.