Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: The Tango

Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: The Tango



Paige Davis breaks the news about their final challenge. "We are going to give new meaning to the phrase, 'It takes two to Tango.' I would like to introduce you to Monica Flores, and Desi Javon. They are professional ballroom dancers, and they are about to give you a 30-minute dance lesson. When you are finished, you are going to perform the Tango, and you will be judged."

While the couples learn the Tango, a surprise celebrity, Paula Abdul, secretly watches them on another monitor in another room. "Taking dance lessons together as a couple can either bring you closer ... or closer to filing," says Paula.


Paula surprises the couples at the end of their lesson. She informs them that she will be judging their performances. 


Matt and Lindy go first. After coming out of her shoes, Lindy abandons them altogether and throws herself into the dance. With the flair of a big smile, they both finish like pros.

Next is Barry and Katie. Will they shut out the other contenders for the final challenge as well?

After their performance, Paula tells them, "That was excellent."

Finally, Tom and Nichole wow Paula with their performance. "Way to go!" she tells them.

"I am so proud of you right now," Nichole tells Tom. "This is like nothing he would ever do."

"I'm just excited," says Tom. "When we got back to the hotel, she said, 'We've got to win the next challenge.'"

"They got it right on count. Every step, they executed beautifully," Paula reveals.


Tom and Nichole win the Tango challenge! Traveland.com will be giving them two round-trip tickets to Buenos Aires, Argentina, the home of the Tango! They get six nights at a five-star hotel, two Tango lessons and a tour of Buenos Aires. "You were in it to win it and you did. Congratulations," says Paula.

Paula informs the runners up that they also win! Traveland.com will be giving them each two round-trip tickets to Rio De Janeiro, five nights at a five-star hotel and a tour of the city.