Drug Troubles: Brad, Dawn, Rick

Drug Troubles: Brad, Dawn, Rick

"I am definitely at war with Bradley," Dawn says about her teenage son. "The last six months, it has been so bad that I've feared for his life."

"I smoke marijuana every day or every other day," says Brad, 17. "My mom nags me every day, which is why I smoke a lot. She searches my room like two or three times a day. Not having any privacy really sucks."

Dawn shows some of the items that she has confiscated. "This is the pipe and the marijuana that I found in Bradley's room. I found this scale with the lighters and the marijuana, and this was the marijuana that he said that he was selling," she says. "It's hard to hold it in my hand. To think that my son, my baby boy, is doing it is very hard. I believe that if Bradley doesn't get a handle on drugs, then he will either be in prison or dead."

Brad's drug use is not the only problem. "Bradley also had a terrible temper, and that has gotten worse with the drug use," Dawn says.

"My dad and I have gotten into many fist fights, the last one being on my 16th birthday," Brad says. "We had some cuss words said back and forth, and I gave him a left hook to his eye, a bad spot, and knocked him out."

Brad's dad, Rick, remembers, "I got up and chased him, and I thought I was going to rip his head off, but there were a lot of people holding me back and him back, and it was just a drunken brawl."

"My dad and I get into it pretty much every day. I call him a **** or a jerk, and he says ****," Brad says. 

"Bradley has called me idiot, drunken bastard, alcoholic," Rick says.

"He calls me **** psycho, fat **** bitch, and it's just constantly over, and over and over," Dawn says. "I believe that Bradley is choosing drugs over everything. He quit his job. He doesn't do football. He doesn't do anything with us anymore. We're a very close family and " " Dawn pauses, f
ighting back tears. "Everything we do, we do as a family. Knowing what Bradley is doing breaks my heart."

"I don't have any plans, really, for the future," Brad admits. "I hate school with a passion. I could teach the teacher what they're telling me. I skip school usually once or twice a week. I feel that Dr. Phil would think that I am a typical teenager."

"So what part of that am I going to vindicate today? What part of that am I going to validate today?" Dr. Phil asks Brad.

"You mean like stand behind it?" Brad asks.

"Yeah. If you went to school, you'd know what vindicate and validate meant," Dr. Phil says.

"I think that I'm a typical teenager," Brad says. "Most teenagers do drink on the weekends. Ninety percent of teenagers, I think, smoke. Everybody at my school, that I know, smokes. Even the nerdiest kids who get all As, they smoke."

"That's just a load of crap," Dr. Phil says. "So you get high and go to school?"

"My grades are pretty good," Brad says.

"Are you high now?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No. Sober," he says, adding that he hasn't smoked marijuana in three days.

"You used to sell dope too, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"So that's on your resume here." He turns to Dawn and Rick. "You guys catch him doing this. What do you do about it?"

"I've taken his cell phone away. I've grounded him. He leaves anyway," Dawn says. "I've taken him to school. He might stay; he might come home. I can tell him he can't go somewhere, and he walks out the door and leaves. I can try to find him, and I don't know where he is. He comes when he wants to come home."

Dr. Phil asks Brad, "Where do you think this is headed?"

"I do plan on finishing high school, graduating," he says. "I hate school with a passion, but yeah, I'm going to graduate, and if I do get a scholarship, then I'll take it, but if I don't, which I hope I won't " "

"A scholarship in what?" Dr. Phil asks.

"There's a national merit program, that if you get a high enough score on the Pre SAT or the SAT, which I scored 97 percent higher than the rest of the
school did … " Brad explains.

"Dr. Phil, I do have to say that all of the teachers have said that he is one of the smartest young men they have ever seen. It's unbelievable to them how smart he is," Dawn says.

"Yeah, well, that just makes it all that much dumber," Dr. Phil notes.