A Rocky Union

“The biggest thing I did to get back at my wife, [Sabrina], during the divorce process was I put an ad out on the internet that compared the specs of the car to my soon-to- be-ex wife.”

In the ad, he compares her to his Chevy Camaro, saying that like the car, Sabrina's body "sags in all the wrong places," and that she has a leathery exterior. He also pokes fun at her stretch marks, motormouth and low-performance brain.

“When I saw the car ad that Mark posted, I was extremely insulted,” Sabrina says.

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She says she was most hurt at the ad’s description of her body with “baby white” stretch marks. She says she had just given birth to Mark's son.

Mark says he felt completely justified in posting the ad. “Who couldn’t find this hilarious?” he asks, laughing. “If you [didn't] feel guilty that maybe some of these things were true, then why in the hell would you be so upset?”

[AD]Now seated with the couple onstage, Dr. Phil asks Mark, “You were just cracking yourself up. You thought that was really hilarious?”

“That’s what it was meant to be,” Mark says, noting that he still finds the ad funny and doesn’t regret posting it online.

“What did you say to him about it when you saw the ad?” Dr. Phil asks Sabrina.

“I don’t know. Mainly, I cried,” she says. “I just told him, ‘I can’t believe you would do this.’”

“Why did you all get married? Why did you marry her?” Dr. Phil asks Mark.

“I married Sabrina because she was my girl. She was the woman I wanted to have a family with,” he says.

“So who filed for divorce here?”

“I did — this time,” Sabrina replies. She explains that they’ve filed for divorce three times throughout their marriage but somehow always ended up back together. The couple dated for four years, got married, and three months later, Sabrina says she discovered that Mark was helping another woman get breast augmentation.

Mark claims he only helped the woman with her surgery, and they never had an affair. “Why were you involved in that at all?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I was looking to just help someone for the attention and how it made me feel a bit, quite frankly,” he explains. “This woman wanted to get something done, I was trying to help her find a way to do it. That’s it.”

[AD]Sabrina says she was so upset by the situation that she moved out of their home for six months, but while she was away, Mark lived with the woman and had a relationship with her. “So, not only is he helping her with her appearance, but he’s allowing her to live in my home,” she laments.

Six years into their marriage, Sabrina says she learned that Mark had another female “friend" so they broke up  — again. During their split, she says he dated the woman and took her on a vacation.

"She started calling the house leaving messages that she was pregnant with your child."

The couple admits that the first year of their marriage was a "trainwreck" and that even on their honeymoon they bumped heads. Sabrina recalls the fifth day of the trip, when Mark went out for drinks, and didn't return until the next morning.

“The honeymoon period between Mark and I ended the day after my wedding,” she says. “Our honeymoon started off great, but unfortunately I did got sick, and I remember Mark saying that he wanted to go off for a little while, and I thought, OK why not?”

[AD]“We had befriended some folks and I decided to go out while she was back in our bungalow resting,” Mark says.

Sabrina says she awoke at 6 a.m. the next day and Mark was nowhere to be found. After searching for him throughout the resort, Mark finally returned home. “He explained to me that he had passed out on somebody’s floor, and of course I was livid,” she says. 

“Nothing happened that I hadn’t done before, so I didn’t expect it to be a problem,” Mark explains.

After the honeymoon, they made up, but Sabrina says Mark’s behavior didn’t change. She confides that he once broke into her closet, stole her jewelry and sold it online.

“I took some of her jewelry that she hadn’t worn in years and made about $2,000 dollars from it. She cried about it the way a child would after losing their favorite toy,” Mark says.

Sabrina says her fury heightened when she learned that Mark also gave her fur coat to another woman.

“I left it at a friend’s house — a female friend,” he explains with a grin.

“Seeing this woman wear my coat, and not wear anything underneath it, infuriates the crap out of me,” Sabrina says, noting that she found a picture of the woman on Mark's cell phone. She also later discovered sexual text messages another woman sent him. 
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“Mark always told me that these women contacted him because they needed help,” Sabrina says.

[AD]“So, these women needed help, and you apparently are a very helpful guy,” Dr. Phil muses.

“My goodness,” Mark scoffs.

“I mean, it is what is. Explain away,” Dr. Phil says.

“It’s just simple. I’m a guy that was used to getting attention from my wife, and then poof, I just felt alone. So yeah, I befriended people,” he explains.

“We were married four months," Sabrina snaps back. "I mean we got home from our honeymoon and immediately you changed.”

“Then how come I was doing the exact same things before we got married, and you were with me, and now we’re married, and you’re not?” Mark asks.

“Because I honestly thought that after you were married, you would be a married man — not a single man.”

“What does that mean?”

[AD]“It means being with your wife, being with your family,” Sabrina replies. Mark says that’s exactly what he wanted to do but she interrupts, “No, you wanted to go out and party it up with your friends.”

The couple bickers. Mark defends his actions, asserting that he needed time to “unwind” with his “friends” but Sabrina makes it clear that despite their marital issues, she never had an affair.  “Would you have found it acceptable if I was spending my time with another man, four months into our marriage?” she asks.

“No, I suppose not,” Mark says. “Not if there wasn’t a good reason for it, I suppose.”

“There is no good reason!” Sabrina exclaims. “You and I were married.”