Extreme Weight with the Doctors: Alfreda

"I have just a little excess skin on my arms," says Alfreda, holding her arms open wide. "Kids like to make them jiggle. They say we do the chicken dance," she says, flapping her arms so that the flesh below wobbles mightily. "But if you think that is a lot of skin, I've got something to show you." She unzips her pants, pulls out a great mass of flesh and holds it above her beltline. "All of this is excess skin. Depending on what I wear, I sometimes have to tuck it back into my clothes just to get dressed. I have to tuck it, push it back in, so that I can get my clothes on." She demonstrates, pushing and compressing her own flesh down into her jeans. "That's life with excess skin."

Dr. Phil turns to Dr. Ordon, seated beside him in the studio. "First off, can you get that much [excess skin] gone?" he asks.

"Absolutely," says Dr. Ordon. He walks over to a podium where he can use an electronic pen to draw on a picture to be projected on a screen behind Dr. Phil.

Dr. Ordon explains, "What we're going to do is we're going to excise what we call the panniculus." He uses a dotted line to show where that incision would be. "Guestimating on that, there has to be 30, 40 pounds of loose-hanging tissue that's going to come out with that procedure in itself." He also recommends a circumferential body lift which involves making another incision in back. Drawing another dotted line he says, "This represents an incision in back that's going to lift her buttocks and her outer thighs. That would be the first step in this series of getting her body back."

"How many procedures does it take to do that safely and effectively?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I'm probably looking at two or three," says Dr. Ordon. "That in itself is a lot of surgery in the first step." He moves on to Alfreda's arms, " That's the other area where she has that so-called batwing deformity." He draws an ellipse on each arm. "You want make an elliptical incision, like so. We hide the incision right there in the natural bicepital groove there. That's going to eliminate all of that in the excess arm skin."

"Are you willing to do this for her?" asks Dr. Phil.


"Yes," he says. "She has to understand she has to be medically cleared. This has to be done in a hospital. This is serious surgery."

Dr. Phil asks Alfreda, "Would you like to do this?"

"I would love it," she says.

"Dr. Ordon is willing to make that service available," says Dr. Phil, "but we have got to put you in a hospital, you've got to be medically cleared and this is multiple procedures to do this. But if you are cleared, and you're willing to do all the compliance that you need to, then we're willing to provide this to you if you want to do it."

"Definitely," she says.