Family First: Follow-Ups: The House

"A War Zone"
Dr. Phil follows up with two families whose households were in complete chaos.
For four years now, Tony and Tammy have been losing the battle of staying on top of their home repairs. Their "fixer-upper" was literally falling apart around them, with many of the rooms in shambles. With six people living in only two rooms, it created a stressful family environment.

On their first appearance with Dr. Phil, he promised them, "We will get you help to get that house finished right now."

Dr. Phil asked Lowe's Home Improvement to take a look at their house and see what they could do to help. After a walk through the house, room by room, the folks at Lowe's determine what's to be done, including: extending walls, adding a bathroom, retrimming the floors, ceilings and windows, re-insulating, recarpeting and painting. This project is going to take nearly $100,000 worth of labor and supplies, which Lowe's so generously

The house will be complete in a few weeks, which will give this family some relief not only financially, but also physically.

"They've been wonderful. They've gone above and beyond," says an emotional Tammy.