Family Matters: An Intervention: A Father's Love
Dr. Phil prepares a family for a life-saving intervention with a drug-addicted 21-year-old.

Harry spoke with Dr. Phil about grieving the loss of his drug-addicted son, Jason, on an earlier show. After his appearance, Harry decided to make his time available to help families with the same problem.

"Since being on the show, I've come to realize that Jason's addiction to heroin was more powerful than a man's love for his son. Dr. Phil made me realize that I couldn't have loved him out of it. He was no longer my son but a slave to the drug. I want to thank Dr. Phil for helping me let go," says Harry. "Even though I've moved on, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of Jason and miss him."



Dr. Phil asks Doug what he learned from Harry's story. "As much as we love Brandon, we've got to take definitive action now, before it's too late," Doug replies.


Harry adds: "When Dr. Phil told you you're not dealing with your son, you're dealing with a drug addict, it's true. I felt I could work with [my son], that I could show enough love to him that he would know that we cared about him and it would change. I have learned since then that it was past that stage. He was so addicted, we were talking to the drugs." Regarding Brandon, he says, "Do what you have to do to save him. It's worth it."