Female Teacher's Affair with Student: The Aftermath: Anne

She Says
Anne, 35, was a high school color guard instructor and dance teacher who made headlines after she was accused of statutory rape for having two children with Bradman, a student she allegedly started a relationship with when he was 15, and she was 30.

The two have very different accounts of what happened.

“Anne was very different from any woman I’ve ever met,” Bradman says. “She made me feel loved. That was not normal for me.”

Anne tells a very different story: she says Bradman was her captor and physically abused her. Anne says that Bradman used manipulation to get time alone with her. “I really felt sorry for him,” she says. “I thought I was helping him.”

After a ride home when he was 15, Bradman says they kissed for the first time. “One thing led to another and we had sex that night in the car,” he says.

“Bradman became obsessed with me quickly, and would not leave me alone,” she says.

[AD]“She told me that she really wanted to be in a relationship with me, and that she could see me as someone she would marry,” he says. He alleges that the two then engaged in a repeated sexual relationship. He says he once asked her what she saw in him. He says she told him, “'You treat me like a man. You hold me like a man. You have sex with me like a man.' I fell in love with her then.”

He says that she invited him to move in with her after dating for a year and a half, but Anne tells a very different story. “Bradman manipulated my mother into letting him come live with us,” she says.

“This woman just completely took advantage of me,” he argues. “She was older than me. She knew exactly what she was doing. I was just a child.”
Anne, along with her attorneys, Matt Mahoney and Erinn Brown, join the show. Anne says she has a protective order against Bradman, requiring him to stay 200 yards away from her. He will appear on the show, but is in a remote location to keep in compliance with the order.

Anne explains why she wants to share her story on national television. “He’s not this nice kid — he’s a monster.”

Anne says that she first met Bradman when he was a sophomore and she was a teacher in the band. She says he became involved in the program and he expressed interest in wanting to help. She explains that he began to regularly sit next to her and tell her about his tumultuous home life, and ask her for rides.

Dr. Phil asks Anne about their first sexual encounter. Erinn interrupts and says Anne cannot comment due to the open criminal case against her. “We cannot discuss specific incidences,” she says. She does confirm that a Texas court found Bradman to be the natural father of the couple’s two children. Given his current age, the first child was fathered when Bradman was just 17. There is open speculation about whether Anne was an educator at the time the first child was conceived.

Anne makes some shocking accusations against Bradman. “He is a sociopath and a narcissist.”

Dr. Phil asks Anne why she didn’t leave Bradman when the alleged abuse started, and report it to police.

“I was captive in the situation that we had,” she explains. “If I were to go to my family, my friends, police, they would be an accessory to the crime.”

Dr. Phil is puzzled by that statement. “Police aren’t going to be an accessory,” he says. He tells Anne that he understands that she can be an emotional prisoner, but asks how it continued so long as to produce two children.

“At that point in time, I didn’t know what to do,” she says.

Dr. Phil questions Anne how helping a student with a ride home turns in to a long-term abusive romantic relationship, but she declines answering due to the criminal investigation.

[AD]“My point is that you can make one bad decision,” Dr. Phil says. “But this was a relationship. He moved into your home.”

Anne says Bradman first befriended her mother, whom she was living with. “I wasn’t even home that day,” she says. “I got home and his belongings were in my house.” However, she admits this was after the two already had their first child together.

“When did the relationship cross the line?”