Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Virgin

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Virgin

"Being on television has always been my dream. I would probably do anything to be on TV. I would even go as far as giving my virginity to a porn star," admits 22-year-old Brian.


Brian's friend, Tommy, cajoled him into making the decision. "Kevin Blatt was doing a reality show [Virgin Territory]. He's behind the Paris Hilton sex tape, which is cool. They were looking for virgins. I knew Brian was a virgin, so I conned him into it," he says. "I love reality TV. If I could be on reality TV and someone would see me and say, ‘Hey, that's a good guy,' and give me money to do more reality shows, that's great. People make careers off it. Why not?" 

"It doesn't bother me how I'll be portrayed because I know I'm a decent guy," Brian says. "I think it would be cooler to lose my virginity to a porn star, because it would up my confidence a lot. I mean, I've already had the best of the best." 

Tommy isn't bothered by reality TV detractors. "People who blame reality TV for bad choices shouldn't be on reality TV. Reality TV is all about having a good time, having fun, and if you can benefit off that, benefit!" he says. "If nothing came from this, he'd still have the fact that he was on Virgin Territory or the Dr. Phil show. He still has that claim to fame."

Addressing Brian, Dr. Phil says, "What's your long-term goal about television, or do you have one? Is this just, ‘I'm young. This is fun. Let's go rock ‘n roll for a while and then I'll get back to my life'? Or is your idea that you can really turn this into something?"

"I figure I've got the chance to turn that into something. I can make that chance happen by meeting people and doing this crazy thing. I could get my name out there."

Tommy chimes in. "I think anyone with his opportunity would do the same thing," he tells Dr. Phil. "I think it's the perfect opportunity to do something. Do I want to have a nine-to-five job? No. If someone puts a camera in my face and says, ‘I'll give you money,' I'll take it, and everyone else here would too."

"This kind of fell into my lap, so I'm running with it. I wouldn't mind," Brian adds. 

Turning to the previous guest, Kevin, Dr. Phil says, "This is your show concept, right?"

"That's correct," Kevin replies. "We haven't sold it as of yet. I've been in a lot of pitch meetings in the last couple of weeks, but when I tell you that the interest level has been through the roof with every network that I've spoken too " It's unbelievable."

"Did anybody buy it?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Not yet."

Perry turns to Kevin. "I want to know why the interest is so high. What is it about that show?" he asks. 

"Nobody's ever done anything touching the whole virgin aspect before," Kevin replies, "because of the religious right and this puritanical society that we have found ourselves in."

Addressing Brian, Dr. Phil says, "We asked you 10 things that you would do to be famous. You said you would lose your virginity on a reality show. You would slap me."

Brian laughs. "I had to think of things," he says sheepishly.

Dr. Phil continues with his list. "You would streak through the city naked. That's original. You would moon people. You would live stranded on a desert island for a month. You would wash my laundry for a year " And the sizzle to that would be what? You would pretend you were on fire in a group of people when they could see that you weren't. You would live homeless for a month. You would hike across the country, and you would listen to nonstop yodeling for a month."

Brian says that being on reality television will give him greater visibility and increase his chances for success. "I'm on TV right now. People see me. They will see my personality, and everything just showing through the reality show. If they like me, I could make something of it," he tells Dr. Phil. "Other people from reality shows have made something of themselves. I have that chance. Why don't I try to work with it?"

Dr. Phil wonders why Kevin's show Virgin Territory hasn't been picked up by a network yet. "This is something that you say there is ‘white-hot' interest in. I've been doing this for 10 years. With white-hot interest, they usually buy it in the room. You're there, you pitch it, they say, ‘That's done. Don't leave. We want to do that,'" he points out. 

"We've gotten a few of those. The problem was, I wanted it to be on my standards, and I didn't want them to change the show one iota," Kevin explains. 

Pointing to Brian, Dr. Phil asks Kevin, "Are you going to use him in your pilot?"

"I love this guy. Are you kidding me? I would love to have him on my show," Kevin says with a wide grin. 

Michael chimes in. "I do think what contestants sometimes make a mistake with is they think these shows are just minting celebrities. As soon as you're on, you're a celebrity. Really, the producers on the shows, they are trying to get ratings. You sign your life away when you do these shows," he warns Brian.

Tommy interjects. "He doesn't have to be a big, huge celebrity. Some of these minor D-celebrities do signings; they go to colleges, and they get money to do things, and they don't have to be in a nine-to-five job," he says.

"What is the value of being a D-lebrity in the world?" Perry shoots back.

Dr. Phil wonders why Brian isn't putting his talents to better use. "Kevin himself says he's trying to go legit. He's trying to get out of the sleazy side and get into mainstream network-type television, and it's hard to unring a bell," he cautions.

Kevin agrees. "Andy Warhol said it best years ago, that everybody was going to have their 15 minutes of fame at some point. With reality television being the way it is these days, that's exactly the case," he says.