'Fighting for My Children': Bridget Marks Follow-up

'Fighting for My Children': Bridget Marks Follow-up
Bridget Marks has an update about her 10-month battle for custody of her twin daughters.
"I got my girls back, and now my life can begin again!" announces an elated Bridget Marks. The former model has struggled in a 10-month battle for custody of her 4-year-old twins. She was blamed for coaching the girls to falsely accuse their father of molestation. "Through faith, hard work and diligence, I got justice ... The most wonderful moment was going to the girls' school and picking them up and bringing them home for good," she says. "I've marched into hell and back. I would go back in a hot second to get these kids back."

"I think Mother's Day came early for Bridget Marks this year," says her lawyer, Tom. He explains what the case has meant to him.
"My niece happened to see on television the children being taken away from Bridget. She said, 'Uncle Tommy, I want you to get the girls back to their mommy.' It really had an impact on me."

Bridget, who appeared on the show about her custody battle, thanks Dr. Phil for his support. "I feel that Dr. Phil is representative of the correct morality of the American people. It just gave me the strength to go on," she says. "Without you, the situation might have had a very, very different ending, but we really got the happiest ending of all. We're back together again!"