Finding Alex: Alex STD Test

Finding Alex: Alex STD Test

Concerned that Alex could be pregnant or have a sexually transmitted disease, Dr. Phil arranges for her to be tested.

"What do you think the results are going to be on these tests?" Harold asks Alex in the car on the way to the clinic.

"I don't know about the pregnancy test, but everything should be negative," she replies.

Judy Bevard, the nurse practitioner, explains the procedure. "I'm going to do a pap smear that includes an HPV screen, an STD check, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, HIV and syphilis," she says.

"I just had the tests, and I'm feeling fine. We'll see what happens," Alex says nonchalantly.

"How many men did you tell us you had been with in the last six weeks?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.

"I have no idea," she replies. "I gave [the producers] a brief amount. I don't know how much it was."

"You told us you had been with 50," Dr. Phil says.

"Not 50. Less than 50, but I have no idea," Alex maintains.

"More than none," Dr. Phil says grimly. "You've been with a lot of guys, right?"


Alex nods.

"Are you concerned that you could become infected?"


"Well, somebody is looking out for you because you aren't pregnant. You were negative on your HIV screening, which means you have not been exposed at this point. You were negative for syphilis. The gonorrhea and chlamydia [exam] is pending," he says.

Dr. Phil observes that Alex has not been able to make eye contact with her mother. "What is it that's causing you to want to be away from her so bad?" he asks. "You told her, 'I'll beat the **** out of you.' You've yelled at her, and screamed at her, and fought with her, and you won't even look at her. What is it about her that is so painful to you that you just won't deal with it?"

"She caused me to run away. She's raised me to be like this," Alex says.


"How has she done that?"

"Making me grow up without being able to see my friends, without, you know, being able to do anything. Basically, making me want to run away, making me want to do what I want to do," Alex explains.

Dr. Phil stares at the teen, bemused. "I've got 300 people here in this audience, and not one of them in the room has children without rules," he declares.

"I can stand rules, but not lockdown rules," Alex clarifies.

Dr. Phil addresses Kim. "Let me get this right, Mom. You locked her down just because you could, because you wanted to be mean, not because she was out being self-destructive," he says sarcastically.

He turns to Alex. "Are you kidding me? Your mother locked you down because when she turned you loose, you went out and did crazy stuff," he says. "You stole things. You had sex for money on Laundromat floors!"

"That's before. But when I went to the " what's it called? " the [therapeutic] school, and then I came back, I was fine. She still didn't want me to do anything," Alex explains. "She told me, ‘You're not allowed to have a boyfriend. You're not allowed to have friends. You have to work on yourself. You can't have any communication this summer.'"

Dr. Phil gives Kim an approving glance. "Good for you," he says.

"What do you think should happen here? Do you think you should bundle her up and take her home?" Dr. Phil asks Kim.

She shakes her head. "No way," she says softly.


"Despite your best efforts, she'd be gone the first time you turned your back, wouldn't she?" Dr. Phil asks.


"How would you disappear?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.

"Take the bus to Washington. I don't know. Go somewhere," she replies.

"Is that what you did last time?" Dr. Phil asks. "How did you get to Washington?"


"A pimp that I met. I lived with him for, like, a couple days in Gardena. He decided we're going to go make money in Washington, so he drove up to Washington," Alex recalls.

"Where did you meet this pimp?"

"I had met him on the bus," she replies. 

"He ain't much of a pimp if he's riding the bus," Dr. Phil says wryly. He gives Kim his assessment of the situation. "I think if she goes home with you, that's got disaster written all over it."

Dr. Phil turns to Whitney Warren, a therapist at Four Winds Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Four Winds is a residential treatment center for teenage girls struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. "How do you think she would fit into your program?" he asks Whitney.

"I think she's a great fit for our program. We deal with kids like Alex " who have the same problems that she's talked about " on a regular basis," she replies. "The things she's saying are shocking to your audience members, but it's things I hear about every day."

Dr. Phil encourages Kim to get on board with his plan. "All I can do is tell you that I would like to offer you this resource, at this point, knowing that I have confidence in it," he says.

"I trust you," she says. 

"You think it's the thing to do?" he asks.

"I do," she says.

"What do you think?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.

"Whatever," she says with a shrug.

"I'll take that," Dr. Phil says.