First Wives Club, Part 3: Makeovers

First Wives Club, Part 3: Makeovers

An incredible team of people worked their magic on Pam, Holly, Heidi and Donna for their new looks.


The Fashion Guy, Lawrence Zarian, helped the women shop for their new wardrobes from Banana Republic. "The best revenge is glamour!" says Lawrence.

Their makeup was done by makeup artist Daniel McFadden. "Their hot new look is sultry eyes, and nothing empowers a woman more than red lips!" he says.

Their hair was done at Louis Licari hair salon in Beverly Hills by stylists Brigitte Danyi and Mela Murphey. Their color was by Michael Petrelli and Hilda Contreras. Hair Dreams provided the hair extensions for Heidi.  And their nails were done by Bella and Vita.


Kate Sommerville took care of the women's skin by giving them all non-surgical facelifts.

Also, personal trainer Robert Reames has been working with the women to help them become as fit as they can.

Everyone in the audience goes home with a $250 facial from Kate Somerville, some of Robin's favorite skin care products from Repechage, a six-month membership to, and a DVD of the movie, "First Wives Club"!

See their amazing transformations! Don't they look beautiful?