Follow-ups: Bruce and Kristine

Still in a Slump?
Dr. Phil follows up with Bruce and Christine about their rush to conceive and their sexual slump.
Bruce and Kristine came on the show because their race to conceive led to a major sexual slump.

After Dr. Phil told Kristine that she needed to stop pressuring Bruce " especially because stress and pressure affect fertility " she viewed herself in a different light.

"I never saw myself as an uptight person," she says. "My discussion after the show with Bruce was, 'Is this true?' He said, 'Yes.'"

Kristine learned to relax, and two weeks after the show, she discovered she was pregnant.

She says that she's calmed down a lot since talking to Dr. Phil, and that Bruce's self-confidence has greatly increased.

"The pressure is off," says Bruce. "There's a lot of good baby names out there. We're really liking Phil or Phillis right now," he jokes.

He and Kristine thank Dr. Phil for helping them out of their sexual slump, and for helping them to conceive.