Follow-Ups: Justin and Lacy

Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
"I was so excited when I saw the ring, I knew that whatever [Dr. Phil] said to do, that I could do it," says Lacy, regarding her first appearance on the show. "Dr. Phil told me that he thought my shopping was an emotional habit, which made a lot of sense to me."

She made the decision to stop her shopping and put her energy toward other activities. "The first couple of weeks was the hardest part," Lacy admits. As she refrained from shopping, she tried to pay off her credit card bills and even opened a joint savings account with her boyfriend, Justin. She started exercising more and has had more time to clean their house. "Shopping isn't necessary anymore," she realizes. "Dr. Phil, thanks to you, I'm a recovering shopaholic."

"The fact that Lacy stopped shopping did surprise me. I didn't know if she'd be able to do it," admits Justin. When he got home, he hid the engagement ring and really enforced the rules. "I'm very proud of Lacy that she made it through the 30 days without shopping," he says, but he hasn't completed his end of the bargain. "I haven't given Lacy the ring yet."

Lacy and Justin have not set their wedding date. "To this day, there has been no official proposal," she says.

"I know that a diamond ring hanging in the balance is a good motivator," Dr. Phil jokes with Lacy. "But what did you hear that caused you to step back and take stock?"

"You can never completely get rid of it because it's one of those things I love," Lacy admits about her desire to shop. "But I just realized that it's not as important as I thought it was. There's just so many other things I could be doing with my time and my money that just seem not as stupid. Shopping just seems so superficial now."

Dr. Phil points out to Justin, "Lacy held up her end of the bargain, but you've never actually dominoed with the ring,


"I had to make sure she was going to make it through the 30 days," he says. He takes Lacy's hand and pulls her out of her chair and says, "Lacy, you know I love you. We've been together for a little over five years now. I just really, really love you and I'm here today to officially announce our engagement," he says. He gets on one knee and continues. "Lacy, will you please marry me?"

"Yes I will," a shocked and excited Lacy says, and they hug.

Dr. Phil tells them that he has a surprise for them. "We've been talking to the people at and we thought you just ought to have a honeymoon since you're going to be getting married," he tells them. "We decided that we're going to send you on an amazing honeymoon to the Big Island in Hawaii." It is an eight-day, seven-night all-inclusive trip at a four-star resort.

Lacy and Justin are delighted and very appreciative of their gift.