Follow-Ups: Melinda

Follow-Ups: Melinda

Melinda writes:


Dear Dr. Phil,

Since appearing on your show, my life has completely turned around for the better. I no longer fight and lose my temper like I used to. I

have learned to control my emotions. My sister, Amanda, and I get along so well now. We still argue like sisters are supposed to, but I haven't thrown any more blenders at her. The biggest news is I got married this past July, and I can finally be the loving wife I've always wanted to be. Just when I thought everyone had given up on me, you were the one who didn't. Thanks to you and everyone at the Dr. Phil show, I have my friends, my family, and most importantly, my life back. Thanks, Dr. Phil!

Melinda and her mother, Traci, join Dr. Phil on stage. Melinda received some help from the PNP Center in Dallas. "My brain waves were pretty much backwards, and I have a lot of chemical imbalances," she tells Dr. Phil.
As soon as Melinda began to get back in balance, Traci saw a change in her daughter immediately. "She's happy. She's totally different," Traci says. "Back in January, I didn't want to be near her. I was praying for her to turn 18, so I could tell her to get out of my life. I couldn't imagine a day without her now. She's totally different."
Now Melinda turns to Dr. Phil for some different help. "I've been having problems with my weight. I've done many, many diet pills, different diets, exercise programs and nothing seems to work," she says.
"Number one, you can throw away all those diet pills," he tells her. "There's a simple answer to this. I'm not saying it's easy, but I'm saying it's doable. If you want to get your weight under control, it is a lifestyle. And I read a really good book about that," he says with a smile. "Actually, I wrote it. It's called The Ultimate Weight Solution, and it talks about what you have to do. Being whatever weight you are is a lifestyle issue for most people, but what you're going to need is help on getting yourself healthy exercise-wise, and I will help you with that, OK?" Dr. Phil tells her he's going to provide her with a nutritionist, an exercise specialist and a place to work out.