Follow-Ups: Nicole and Austin

ADD Debate
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
"Since being on the Dr. Phil show, our home has totally changed. There's very little screaming. I'm much more consistent. Austin's much happier," says Nicole, whose son is no longer on medication to treat his ADD, thanks to alternative treatments and his one-on-one work with Dr. Lawlis.

"I feel a lot better now because I'm off medication now," Austin says. "School is going a lot better. I have a lot more friends now in third grade."

Dr. Lawlis has continued to be involved with Austin's treatment. "Austin is doing great because he can concentrate more, be focused more. He can learn faster," he says.

"There's a fine line between parenting and whether you've got to medicate your children because you are not a good parent," Nicole adds. "Every day he wakes up and there's no fighting over taking the medication anymore." She thanks Dr. Phil and Dr. Lawlis. "I'm a much better parent now."

Dr. Phil asks Nicole how the teachers are responding.

She says that she is getting along much better with them. "I'm just more consistent. I'm a good parent now," she says. "With the school's help, we're taking on this challenge together."

Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Lawlis, and asks him to describe the treatments he has been doing with Austin.

"The first thing we did is we tried to give Austin some control over his behavior, control over his brain," Dr. Lawlis explains. They did this through BAUD assisted neuro-feedback. The second thing they talked about was Austin's diet. "He began to use foods that helped him instead of foods that hurt him." Dr. Lawlis also worked with Nicole and Austin to develop a more structured environment in the home.

"Are you anti-medication for ADD or ADHD?" Dr. Phil asks him.

"Absolutely not. The thing is that that's not the final answer," Dr. Lawlis says. "We want to have skills development. But if medication is part of the broad approach, then by all means, let's use medication." While some kids with ADD and ADHD respond well to medication, he says, "Pills without skills doesn't work."

"What you're saying is that if you do use the medications, oftentimes you still have to relearn some things. You have to change the structure of the home," Dr. Phil elaborates. "This isn't about blaming parents, it's about parents being part of the solution." He notes that more structure at home has really helped Austin, and Nicole must continue with it. "We're so thrilled that he's doing better and you're doing better."