From Wall Street Trader to Bank Robber: Part 2 and T.D. Jakes

Let It Go
Jeanne is brought back onstage with Dr. Phil. She says that while Stephen was in jail, she was forced to work three jobs to support herself and the couples’ two young sons. “He left me where he was — struggling for money,” she says. Over time, she says she learned to become independent and be the sole provider for the children.

Bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes joins the show, and Stephen agrees to be interviewed with Jeanne.

Bishop Jakes compliments Jeanne and Stephen on how they’ve overcome this situation in both their lives, however, takes Stephen to task. “I think that goes to the root of the problem,” Bishop Jakes says of Stephen. “He’s a performer. He tried to hold it together at all costs, and doesn’t value the relationship from the perspective that: What a man brings to a relationship is more than stuff. I would tell him that you have to see yourself as an investment.” Bishop Jakes tells Jeanne that she’s ultimately upset that Stephen neglected her by not sharing the reality of their actual situation.

Stephen finally agrees to join Bishop Jakes and his ex-wife, Jeanne.

“Do you have animosity toward your wife?” Dr. Phil asks Stephen.

“Absolutely not,” he answers. “We all did the best that we could.”

“I’ve never heard that from Stephen,” she says. Jeanne thanks Stephen for showing her how demanding supporting a family can be.

T.D. counsels the family on how to move forward in a healthy way.

[AD]Stephen asks why everyone has forgiven him but he has trouble forgiving himself.

“Remorse is not a sign that you have not forgiven yourself. Remorse is a healthy sign that what you did was less than your best self."

Dr. Phil tells Stephen of a change he saw in him in just the course of the show.