Girl World: Beth

Threats on Video

Beth and her daughter, Piper, recently learned of a cartoon video that was made by some of Piper's classmates, depicting violent ways in which Piper could be killed. Beth joins the show via telephone.

"Thanks for being here. Tell me how Piper is doing at this point," Dr. Phil says.

"I think she's actually handling it a little better than I am. She's looking forward to the new school year. She's anxious but she sees it as a fresh start," Beth says.

[AD]"Are you satisfied at all, Beth, with the response you've had from the school and the police?"

"No, I feel like they glossed everything over, and I have a huge, huge sense of injustice. We know who the kids [are], we know exactly what they did. Everybody said, ‘Yeah, that's a shame,' and nothing happened," she says.

"We really have to ask ourselves as parents, what are we doing or not doing that is creating this many bullies out there in the world?" he asks.

Dr. Phil turns to previous guest, Rebekah's, mom. "Peggy, you're not satisfied with the response you've gotten from Rebekah's school, true?"

"Absolutely not," she says. "I don't even know if there is any policy in place to handle a bully."

"We called the school. We talked to the principal this morning, and he first said that he didn't now who we were referring to. He didn't know who Rebekah was," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]"That's impossible," Peggy says, while Rebekah looks incredulous.

James, a producer for the show, says he spoke with the principal of Rebekah's school. After claiming he didn't know who Rebekah was, he said he'd gather some information and call back. He hasn't returned the call. Further inquiries had his office reporting that he was behind closed doors.

Peggy says as far as she knows, nothing has been done to help her daughter or to reprimand the girls who are bullying her.