Going For Broke: Behind the Scenes

Going For Broke: Behind the Scenes
After the show, Dr. Phil tells his audience about his own viewpoints on debt.
"You can't imagine the good feeling that comes from being financially secure," Dr. Phil tells his audience. "It's a philosophy you grow up with. I grew up in a family where everything was bought on credit or financed. I remember my mom buying things on layaway, because we just didn't have any money.

I have three sisters who all had credit cards that they would max out and then pay month-to-month. I watched that growing up and it would just drive me crazy."
"I can tell you, standing here today, I don't owe anybody anything," explains Dr. Phil. "You might think, 'Oh, yeah, easy for you to say!' But that was true when I didn't have two dimes to rub together."
Dr. Phil continues, "I'd rather walk or take the bus than have a car payment. When Robin and I got married, if it wasn't for pizza discount coupons, I guess we would have starved to death, because we didn't put things on credit. I see people do that and it scares me to death. It would worry me to think what would happen if I got hurt or got a head injury. You have to plan for those things. I don't think you'd want to come in here and watch me drool! I mean, I need to be able to talk. I guess even if I got laryngitis I'd be in trouble!"